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How to Make Your Property Rise Above the Competition

How to Make Your Property Rise Above the Competition

Utilizing contract purchasing to provide FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, or another version is FF&A, Furniture, Fixtures and Accessories) is not only convenient but creates value.

While not a permanent part of the building structure, they do add value both financially and aesthetically. The FF&A selection and procurement process is typically not included in most architectural services but is handled outside of architecture in the interior design process. This final stage of selection and procurement of the items that complete the space is one of the services offered by r.o.ii Design.

Especially for multi-family housing, a strategic design plan that includes furnishings and accessories will provide years of return on investment.

While multi-family housing (apartments, student housing, vacation rentals, and senior living properties) are residential communities, they require the function and durability required of a commercial environment with the aesthetics of residential design.

    When making design decisions, there are several things to consider.


          • The budget for a furnishings package varies based on the level of finishes, the quantity of accessories, the quality of the artwork, and the related costs in design, coordination, storage, and setup.
          • The demographics of the target residents impact the choices made in location, laying out the physical space, lighting, and amenities, can all influence the overall design.
          • Strategic use of color and texture combine to create an inviting and comfortable space to gather. Elevated amenities and spaces that promote social gatherings and interactions are desirable in today’s market.
          • Marketability attracts prospective residents.
          • Good interior design can help your property:
            • Stand out in competitive market
            • Attract tenants
            • Maintain high occupancy
            • Increased functionality and durability; reduced wear and maintenance cost
            • Positively impact the bottom line

    In the multi-family real estate market, the value of aesthetics sets one property apart from another. Balancing the aesthetic needs of a diverse tenant demographic requires a specialized knowledgeable team.

    Contact us to set up a consultation to see how we can help you maximize your budget and stand out in a competitive market. Rondageyer@roidesign.com or call (616) 272-5302.

    Animal Emergency Hospital, Part Two 

    Animal Emergency Hospital, Part Two 

    We were honored to be the interior designers for the first new Animal Emergency Hospital in Byron Center in 2022. They had an older location on Plainfield in Grand Rapids, but the space looked tired and couldn’t compare with the new facility. The plan was to build a new hospital next door to the Plainfield location, and that dream came true when they moved into the new facility in February, 2024. r.o.i. Design worked with First Companies and Dr. Marilyn Brink, as we did the first time for the Byron Center location.

    The plan for the Plainfield location was a flipped-flopped and mirrored version of the Byron Center location’s plan, due to site conditions, but it includes all these aspects that we so enjoy:

    • Large-scale black-and-white photos of dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, guinea pigs, and so much more.
    • Soaring tall ceiling in the lobby softened by “clouds” of acoustical materials and strip lighting.
    • Shiplap wood walls.
    • Metal-faced reception desk.
    • Half-walls in the waiting room with silhouettes of animals.

    We hope that none of our animal friends will make an emergency stop at either location, so we are sharing some photos that give you a sense of the interior. And if you do have to stop, you will be in great hands in a great space 

    Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images.

    © Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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    Current Trends in Senior Living

    Current Trends in Senior Living

    There has been a change in how we think about senior living over the past 10 years. The aging baby boomer generation is influencing this change. It’s predicted that in the next several years there will be more people over 65 than children. As the baby boomers age, more and more are looking to make the move to a senior living community. This group of people is more active than in past generations and holds greater expectations of their living experience.  Because they are planning ahead, the process of selecting their retirement community is more well thought out and thorough. Research has shown that up to 5 communities will be visited before making the final decision. Their new home must check all the boxes. Updated furniture and finishes can ensure a good first impression is made and boost the marketability of any community, whether it’s a new construction or an established facility.

    The following should be considered when designing a senior living community:  

    • Finishes should look like home, incorporating residential-type finishes with senior living durability. Vibrant, fresh, approachable spaces that bring people together and foster a sense of community. 
    • Flexible gathering areas that draw residents from their rooms and can accommodate larger groups when necessary. Spots for crafts, games, and other activities that promote socialization are amenities today’s seniors are looking for. A sense of community ranks highly with today’s seniors. Chairs that can stack and tables for crafts and puzzles that fold for storage enhance the flexibility and function.  
    • Connection to the outdoors. Natural light, plants, and large-scale artwork that depicts views of nature foster that important connection with nature for residents who aren’t able to get out as easily. 
    • Wellness-focused spaces promoting engagement and activity.   
    • The formal dining room is being revamped to add flexibility, better serving the needs of the residents. A more modern dining space provides a place to gather with friends for a cup of coffee or a casual chat. This area has become the social hub, and those social connections are crucial to maintaining cognitive function and overall well-being.  
    • Staff attraction and retention is an important consideration as well. Providing a comfortable place for staff to work, and as a recharge, should be planned for. 

    Have a project in mind? We would love to hear about it! r.o.i. Design provides full-service design and FF&E services. We have access to numerous resources that can provide beautiful and functional furnishings for all budgets. Additionally, we will consult with you on space planning and allocation to meet the changing needs of today’s senior living residents. We will also help balance input from ownership, management, and staff when designing the space and furnishings.

    Contact us to discuss ways we can help.  

    Royal View Senior Living Remodel Gains Developer’s & Residents’ Approval

    Royal View Senior Living Remodel Gains Developer’s & Residents’ Approval

    Returning customer, Denis Johnson of Johnson Newhof & Associates, was so pleased with r.o.i. Design’s work at previous projects, they were confident that we could provide exceptional interior design and affordable public space furnishings for Royal View Assisted Living.

    Royal View is located just East of Canadian Lakes. This is an intimate property with a caring staff and sensitive amenities. The property had many features and finishes that remained. The remodel was focused on relocating medical equipment, improving staff spaces, and refreshing the residents’ dining room, beauty salon and common areas.

    For r.o.i. Design this meant furniture plans, lighting plans, finish and furniture selections, as well as selecting wall art and décor. We also provided light construction and carpentry services supporting the owner’s facility staff.

    Paying attention to our mantra: Budget, Brand and Beauty, we designed with budget in mind, kept the beach front theme of the property and the outcome was beautiful.

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      Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

      Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

      Committed to the finest in dental care, Dr. Chris Powell married that with his passion for outer space to create a family-friendly office with surprising details. The front desk resembles a spaceship, the lobby features Saturn-inspired floating light fixtures, and the exam rooms could be space pods looking out into the galaxy with life-like murals of outer space. The walk to the exam rooms features color-coded carpet accents and entry signs using the symbols of planets.

      Dr. Chris worked with First Companies Inc. to lease space from Knapp Orthodontics and found an affordable way to open their doors to a welcoming neighborhood of families without compromising on design. As of November 2023, the second phase of the space is already in planning which will add open an exam bay and more space for staff.

      r.o.i. Design is grateful to be the designer for this unique dental office. We appreciate First Companies’ trust in our ability to work with Stellar Smilies and Knapp Orthodontics. Both offices are in the same building with entirely different looks.

        © Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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          The Final Step of Design: Décor

          The Final Step of Design: Décor

          The contractor is gone, the furniture is in place, and everyone has moved in, but the space doesn’t feel complete. r.o.i. Design is on hand to assist our clients in selecting wall décor, accessories, and window coverings – an important part of making a space feel complete.

          Wall décor may be framed images that complement the design. That could mean realistic to abstract art, or company-related graphics. Other wall décor would include 3D sculptures, clocks, wall-mounted greenery, and more.

          Accessories may be occasional tables, tabletop silks and greenery, glass or ceramic vases and trays, floor lamps, baskets, books, sculptures, or decorative bowls.

          Window coverings in commercial spaces are typically solar shades. If a more residential look is desired, we can also design decorative fabric side panels.

          Our process in supplying these items includes site visits, décor selections and presentations, budgets and proposals, and installation. Typically a short turnaround, we can upgrade your space in 4 to 8 weeks.

          We can also make suggestions for seasonal decorations that you can purchase and reuse for seasons to come.

          For more information, reach out to Ronda Geyer at r.o.i. Design, rondageyer@roidesign, or 616-272-5302.