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Does your space reflect the story you have been telling your customers about your goals, values, and successes? Does your space promote pride and loyalty among employees?  

Hipcouch.com states in their article, “How the right office interior design makes or breaks a business” that the first attribute needed is a branded interior. Likewise, r.o.i. Design’s experience says that partial or complete remodeling without messaging may not yield a “return on (the) investment”. 

Branding is more than a logo in the reception area and a poster in the breakroom. Notably, the integration of goals and values in all the interior materials builds the trust needed for customers to commit to a sale and employees to stay.  

  • On an exit interview at a credit union, Mary Witte, President of r.o.i. Design, asked “How was your visit?” The response was “Awesome, the messaging, the space, and the staff were so consistent in their presentation, we immediately trusted them. We are new in town and have been shopping around for a “bank”, and this experience made the deal”. 

r.o.i. Design has engaged with business owners for interior design for 30+ years. Projects that invested in interior branding have cited customer satisfaction and a reduced need to remodel, as their corporate story is not a trend and does not need re-telling.  

How about your space? We offer one free consultation to hear about your business design needs. Whether it is branding the interior with company goals and values, updating spaces to build trust, or supporting your promises to be the leader you promised to be. 

Some examples of branded interiors by r.o.i. Design: