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Does your corporate space “sell”?  

Does your corporate space “sell”?  

Does your space reflect the story you have been telling your customers about your goals, values, and successes? Does your space promote pride and loyalty among employees?  

Hipcouch.com states in their article, “How the right office interior design makes or breaks a business” that the first attribute needed is a branded interior. Likewise, r.o.i. Design’s experience says that partial or complete remodeling without messaging may not yield a “return on (the) investment”. 

Branding is more than a logo in the reception area and a poster in the breakroom. Notably, the integration of goals and values in all the interior materials builds the trust needed for customers to commit to a sale and employees to stay.  

  • On an exit interview at a credit union, Mary Witte, President of r.o.i. Design, asked “How was your visit?” The response was “Awesome, the messaging, the space, and the staff were so consistent in their presentation, we immediately trusted them. We are new in town and have been shopping around for a “bank”, and this experience made the deal”. 

r.o.i. Design has engaged with business owners for interior design for 30+ years. Projects that invested in interior branding have cited customer satisfaction and a reduced need to remodel, as their corporate story is not a trend and does not need re-telling.  

How about your space? We offer one free consultation to hear about your business design needs. Whether it is branding the interior with company goals and values, updating spaces to build trust, or supporting your promises to be the leader you promised to be. 

Some examples of branded interiors by r.o.i. Design:

Mailloux Dentistry: A New Location for Smiles to Begin 

Mailloux Dentistry: A New Location for Smiles to Begin 

At first glance, Mailloux Dentistry could be mistaken for a spa. It’s certainly a place where beauty is valued.

Dr. Brittany Mailloux and partner Dr. Caitlynn Haas are licensed general practitioners in dentistry and offer a full menu of dental services. What sets them apart is their attention to the beauty and aesthetics of the smile. They are a family dentistry where adult and child patients receive the same attention.

r.o.i. Design met Dr. Mailloux along with her husband, Dr. Kevin Kross, who owns Blueprint Dental. They are not partners in dentistry but did decide to purchase the building that they now share. This allowed them to have a state-of-the-art lab that they both use. And while they are married, the two practices look completely different.

We spent hours at Brittany and Kevin’s home where we met their children (as well as dogs, ponies, and horses) to make decisions. We were influenced by their hospitality and kindness in the design of Mailloux Dentistry.

The lobby of the space has many curves. The reception desk, bulkheads, ceiling accents, accent tiles, and many more elements all incorporate curvilinear shapes. The intention was to make their patients feel welcome and relaxed. Inside the reception bulkhead are wood baffles that enhance the coziness of the space.

The overall color scheme includes gold, warm white, pink, and gray. The elegance of the lobby chandeliers and the waiting room furniture are paired with a carpet that looks handmade. The vinyl flooring (LVT) in the exam rooms has accents of gold in a light parquet wood floor look.

On this project, we were honored to also design their new logo. We came up with numerous concepts and refined them down to the final product. We also provided and branding standards document so they could use their new logo to its full potential.

The lobby and reception furniture were also provided by r.o.i. Design. It is always wonderful to be able to finish a design we start down to these details.

© Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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    Kraft Business Systems: New Office, New Look.

    Kraft Business Systems: New Office, New Look.

    When First Companies Inc. introduced r.o.i. Design to Jeff Cousins from Kraft Business Systems he said, “I don’t know design, I just want ‘cool’”. Jeff was very interested in every aspect of the new office. Dixon Architecture had been introduced a little earlier, and Ken Dixon had the space laid out and adjusted as needed to meet Jeff’s understanding of changing needs.

    Early in the interior design consultancy, we noticed and complimented Kraft Business Systems (KBS) on their logo. Not only is it good-looking, but it has been developed based on business values and images that support those values.

    KBS sells printers, but more importantly, printing solutions and technical innovations. The business is built on solving problems for their customers, and r.o.i. Design took that approach as they made interior design decisions.

    Each of the four key values were featured in their own areas:

    • “Honor our company heritage in the print and printer industry.” (Orange)

    • “Committed to continued innovation and I.T. for the paperless office.” (Green)
    • “Focused on our clients and committed to interpersonal communication.” (Light Blue)
    • “Look to the future with continued aspirations for creativity and growth.” (Dark Blue)

    The colors of the five values are very bold, but the overall palette is white, grey, and black, creating a neutral background for the reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and greens. Not only did r.o.i. Design color block some of the walls in logo colors, we also created custom graphics for large-scale wall covering whose imagery is very “techy”.

    As the design was coming to the finish line, Jeff commented, “This is cool, and I didn’t think I liked black, but I do!” The design was so well received that KBS borrowed finishes and accents for their other Michigan offices. That’s the best kind of compliment!

    © Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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    Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

    Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

    Committed to the finest in dental care, Dr. Chris Powell married that with his passion for outer space to create a family-friendly office with surprising details. The front desk resembles a spaceship, the lobby features Saturn-inspired floating light fixtures, and the exam rooms could be space pods looking out into the galaxy with life-like murals of outer space. The walk to the exam rooms features color-coded carpet accents and entry signs using the symbols of planets.

    Dr. Chris worked with First Companies Inc. to lease space from Knapp Orthodontics and found an affordable way to open their doors to a welcoming neighborhood of families without compromising on design. As of November 2023, the second phase of the space is already in planning which will add open an exam bay and more space for staff.

    r.o.i. Design is grateful to be the designer for this unique dental office. We appreciate First Companies’ trust in our ability to work with Stellar Smilies and Knapp Orthodontics. Both offices are in the same building with entirely different looks.

      © Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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        The Final Step of Design: Décor

        The Final Step of Design: Décor

        The contractor is gone, the furniture is in place, and everyone has moved in, but the space doesn’t feel complete. r.o.i. Design is on hand to assist our clients in selecting wall décor, accessories, and window coverings – an important part of making a space feel complete.

        Wall décor may be framed images that complement the design. That could mean realistic to abstract art, or company-related graphics. Other wall décor would include 3D sculptures, clocks, wall-mounted greenery, and more.

        Accessories may be occasional tables, tabletop silks and greenery, glass or ceramic vases and trays, floor lamps, baskets, books, sculptures, or decorative bowls.

        Window coverings in commercial spaces are typically solar shades. If a more residential look is desired, we can also design decorative fabric side panels.

        Our process in supplying these items includes site visits, décor selections and presentations, budgets and proposals, and installation. Typically a short turnaround, we can upgrade your space in 4 to 8 weeks.

        We can also make suggestions for seasonal decorations that you can purchase and reuse for seasons to come.

        For more information, reach out to Ronda Geyer at r.o.i. Design, rondageyer@roidesign, or 616-272-5302.

          First Companies Inc. – New Corporate Headquarters Bring the Whole Team Together. 

          First Companies Inc. – New Corporate Headquarters Bring the Whole Team Together. 

          Over the past few years, First Companies Inc. (FCI) has engaged r.o.i. Design to provide interior design services for their customers in the dental, medical, restaurant, and corporate sectors. In 2022, they asked us to help them design the remodel of a 10-year-old building to house their whole team. Previously they were spread over three separate locations, making it difficult to collaborate and communicate. For a company that has clear team values and goals, this was challenging. 

          Early in the design process, First Companies realized that illustrating their brand and values would take the lead in making choices. Part of their brand is to demonstrate innovation in interiors, and we were asked to make building materials an obvious but incorporated part of the design.  

          That resulted in the creative use of Baltic Birch plywood, veneer brick, burnished steel, concrete, and integrated LED lighting. We also employed acoustic treatments that look like wood and softened the ceilings. The overall envelope of finishes also needed to incorporate the existing wood trim, doors, and laminate cabinetry. 

          All new carpets, porcelain tile, and luxury vinyl were added. We used several distinctive styles and patterns to create interesting looks, differentiating departments and functional uses.  

          The design was not limited to finishes; First Companies saw the importance of continuing a consistent message with décor and graphics. We developed custom icons for their company’s values, and we embodied those icons as artwork. In addition, we created five value boards that are prominent in the décor.  

          We created large-scale prints using their own project photos and drawings and mounted them on the walls. On a more personal level, photos of hard hats, lunch boxes, plumbing pipes, laying bricks, sawing wood, etc. were researched that complimented their values and aligned with a contractor’s aesthetic. In the conference rooms, we featured some of their projects completed over the last year. 

          The décor has created landmarks for a directed tour through the new facilities, looking at photos and icons and being able to tell the First Companies story. 

          A special thank you to the First Companies team that walked alongside us to make sure we got it right: Crissy and Matt Sink. We also appreciate the trust from Craig and Jeff Baker to make the space everything First Companies. Kudos to our team who designed the space, graphics, and furnishings: Marianne Martz, Ryan Bright, and Ronda Geyer. 

            © All Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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