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Hudsonville Vision Care Upgrades Its Patient Experience

Hudsonville Vision Care Upgrades Its Patient Experience

Doctors Walt and Gammage joined Hudsonville Vision Care in the 1980’s and are preparing for the next generation of leadership, which has already started with Dr. Wustman, who joined in 2017. Subsequently, this meant enhancing the interior, with expanded offices and exam rooms, and new finishes throughout.

Keeping the family-friendly focus, Hudsonville Vision Care improved the reception and waiting areas, expanded the eyeglass showroom, and made the testing area more efficient and modern with new technology.

Those returning to the space might say the biggest change is the increase in light. Lighter wall colors, better LED lighting, and a lower ceiling section over the selections area. All the eyeglass displays are new with interior lighting to showcase the frames even more.

Keeping things neutral, they added interest by adding wood to the back wall, and stone accented by shiplap to the reception desk. The frames display has wood storage, but light frames with maximum mirroring.

Additionally, they added offices so the front desk and the basement were relieved of administrative work. The administration is closely positioned near the doctor’s offices for improved communication.

For more about Hudsonville Vision Care see: www.hudsonvillevisioncare.com

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      The Role of LED Lighting in Interior Design

      The Role of LED Lighting in Interior Design

      With the introduction of LED* lighting over ten years ago, the world of lighting and lighting design has exploded. Now, more than 80% of all lighting is LED. This is mostly because of their high efficiency and low power consumption as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LED doesn’t just allow for creative light fixtures but also expands the possibilities in lighting solutions and environmental control.

      One outcome is the ability to control the light’s color, imitating a variety of experiences. That color temperature is measured by Kelvins. Low numbers are warmer, and high numbers are cooler. To make something feel “homey” we use lower numbers. When we need a clinical effect, we use higher numbers. Have you ever heard someone say, “It feels like a hospital in here!”. That is likely because the space has a high Kelvin measurement when it needs to be lower. Interior designers can match the environment to the Kelvin for the most comfortable experience.

      Another aspect of LED lighting is size and flexibility. Since the lumens come from a chip, that small chip can be put into a variety of housings, making it easier to find lighting for every situation; whether its architectural, theatrical, or practical (see photos of examples).

      At r.o.i. Design, we work with lighting engineers to assist in specifying fixtures along with their colors and lumens. We used to use a measurement called foot-candles to describe the amount of light in a room. Now the industry uses lumens, specifically lux, which is one lumen per square meter. Not only is the color of light important, but its brightness is critical in creating comfort for the user.  

      Interior design is highly affected by light. All finishes look very different depending on the color of the light. We can be leaders in interior design by providing expertise in lighting design. 

      (*) LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work?  An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LED, and the result is visible light.

      Below are some examples of interesting LED lighting we have used on recent jobs. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

        Blueprint Dentistry Makes Its Mark in Holland, Michigan 

        Blueprint Dentistry Makes Its Mark in Holland, Michigan 

        The well-named Blueprint Dentistry is a rebrand from Dr. Kevin Kross’s previous Michigan Street Dentistry. Michigan Street was their old location. He wanted his new dental office to reflect his technical and sophisticated approach to complete and premier dental care. His new logo includes architectural lines and symbols that clearly state the focus on precision dentistry. 

        r.o.i. Design met Dr. Kross early in the process and was engaged in shopping for real estate and recommending contractors. This gave our team time to get to know Dr. Kross and his vision. 

        While he doesn’t partner with his wife, Brittany Mailloux DDS, they agreed to purchase a building and locate both practices in the same building, which allowed them to create a state-of-the-art lab that they both share. 

        Blueprint Dentistry’s design elements reflect its brand. The lighting in the lobby is recessed linear LED that runs through the ceiling and continuously down the wall. The exam room corridor has a recessed cavity in the ceiling with unique box light fixtures that fit into the recess and create a special effect. 

        The overall color scheme throughout is mostly black and white, which sparkles with accents of glass and specialty lighting. The reception desk is backlit with a frosted acrylic face with the logo and name etched into the material. In addition, the glass sliding doors with chrome barn door hardware in the exam rooms elevate a patient’s typical dental experience. 

        The desk in Dr. Kross’s office is made from white concrete with flecks of silver and gold randomly embedded in the top. The private office is also set up to accommodate a second doctor. 

        The lower-level break room also has a concrete table, which is 12 feet long, surrounded by Eames-inspired chairs. 

        The journey from Michigan Street to 16th Street brought Blueprint Dentistry further towards its goals than just the distance between the two locations. 

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            Royal View Senior Living Remodel Gains Developer’s & Residents’ Approval

            Royal View Senior Living Remodel Gains Developer’s & Residents’ Approval

            Returning customer, Denis Johnson of Johnson Newhof & Associates, was so pleased with r.o.i. Design’s work at previous projects, they were confident that we could provide exceptional interior design and affordable public space furnishings for Royal View Assisted Living.

            Royal View is located just East of Canadian Lakes. This is an intimate property with a caring staff and sensitive amenities. The property had many features and finishes that remained. The remodel was focused on relocating medical equipment, improving staff spaces, and refreshing the residents’ dining room, beauty salon and common areas.

            For r.o.i. Design this meant furniture plans, lighting plans, finish and furniture selections, as well as selecting wall art and décor. We also provided light construction and carpentry services supporting the owner’s facility staff.

            Paying attention to our mantra: Budget, Brand and Beauty, we designed with budget in mind, kept the beach front theme of the property and the outcome was beautiful.

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              Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

              Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

              Committed to the finest in dental care, Dr. Chris Powell married that with his passion for outer space to create a family-friendly office with surprising details. The front desk resembles a spaceship, the lobby features Saturn-inspired floating light fixtures, and the exam rooms could be space pods looking out into the galaxy with life-like murals of outer space. The walk to the exam rooms features color-coded carpet accents and entry signs using the symbols of planets.

              Dr. Chris worked with First Companies Inc. to lease space from Knapp Orthodontics and found an affordable way to open their doors to a welcoming neighborhood of families without compromising on design. As of November 2023, the second phase of the space is already in planning which will add open an exam bay and more space for staff.

              r.o.i. Design is grateful to be the designer for this unique dental office. We appreciate First Companies’ trust in our ability to work with Stellar Smilies and Knapp Orthodontics. Both offices are in the same building with entirely different looks.

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                  Knapp Orthodontics Creates an Innovative Office for an Innovative Practice. 

                  Knapp Orthodontics Creates an Innovative Office for an Innovative Practice. 

                  Orthodontics is a very personal business. Practitioners meet and grow with their families to create lifelong relationships. Knapp Orthodontics takes this to the next level. Dr. Kevin Knapp is design-sensitive and connects all the dots between his practice operations, patient experience, and office design. 

                  We were introduced to this practice through First Companies, who were working with them to develop the property. We are grateful that they recommended us to assist in the interior design of their new office and have learned a lot through the process.  

                  As a team, we learned that not all clients are colorphobic. Knapp Orthodontics welcomed the use of color in their design, especially when it complemented their brand colors of blue, green and grey. We used those colors to accent the walls. We also introduced an acid yellow to the spectrum and used it in carpet and upholstery accents. 

                  We also learned that some clients are more forward-thinking about lighting and technology. Knapp Orthodontics embraced our design that incorporated recessed linear LED lighting in the lobby and the exam areas. While the overall light level was great, the effect of the smooth surface lighting was refreshing, clean and takes a step away from traditional lighting. 

                  Knapp Orthodontics invested in wall-mounted digital games for patients and their siblings to use while waiting which creates a positive experience for the kids. We responded to this detail by creating acoustic wall panels that incorporated the brand logo behind the games and providing kid-friendly ottomans that can be used while families play games or wait for treatment. 

                  Dr. Knapp and the team inspired us with their vision for booth seating in the waiting area, a combination of quartz and wood-faced materials on the reception desk, and full glass partitions between exam areas. 

                  Thanks to Dr. Kevin Knapp, his wife Jenny and Tara for all your help and inspiration. We look forward to hearing about all their growth and success!

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