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Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

Stellar Smiles creates an “Out of this World” Pediatric Dental Office

Committed to the finest in dental care, Dr. Chris Powell married that with his passion for outer space to create a family-friendly office with surprising details. The front desk resembles a spaceship, the lobby features Saturn-inspired floating light fixtures, and the exam rooms could be space pods looking out into the galaxy with life-like murals of outer space. The walk to the exam rooms features color-coded carpet accents and entry signs using the symbols of planets.

Dr. Chris worked with First Companies Inc. to lease space from Knapp Orthodontics and found an affordable way to open their doors to a welcoming neighborhood of families without compromising on design. As of November 2023, the second phase of the space is already in planning which will add open an exam bay and more space for staff.

r.o.i. Design is grateful to be the designer for this unique dental office. We appreciate First Companies’ trust in our ability to work with Stellar Smilies and Knapp Orthodontics. Both offices are in the same building with entirely different looks.

    © Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

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      Cedar Animal Hospital Expands with New Emergency Wing

      Cedar Animal Hospital Expands with New Emergency Wing

      Drs. Larry and Judy Nauta have built a landmark veterinarian office in Cedar Springs, and as their practice grew, they knew their facility also needed to grow. Cedar Animal Hospital needed to accommodate patients and pet owners who need 24/7 emergency services.

      r.o.i. Design met them through Pinnacle Construction, who created the building’s architectural design as well as constructed the building. We were engaged by Pinnacle to provide the interior design that met the practical and aesthetic requirements of the space: highly cleanable and comforting, with a touch of their Northern Michigan style.

      Some of our favorite elements of the design include the new reception desk with a “wood” canopy that was built with acoustical materials, the lobby/waiting lighting, the large-scale porcelain floor tile, the interior wood walls in the lobby and staircases, and the warm color scheme.

      Kudos to Pinnacle on the design of the emergency wing. Its modern approach, while different from the main building, is still “Northern Michigan” in its use of wood and metal on the exterior.

      The design process with Dr. Larry and Dr. Judy was a great experience. Dr. Judy made cookies, their dog Rocket joined meetings as a consultant, and they expressed their appreciation for the whole design and construction team on a regular basis. We would like to think that some of the success of this project was their passion for what they do, coupled with r.o.i. Design’s love of pets.

      “Cedar Animal Hospital is a great place to work because we are all on the same mission—to make a difference in the lives of people and pets.” Dr. Larry Nauta.

        Evanoff Dental Builds New Office

        Evanoff Dental Builds New Office

        Dr. Karl and Deidre Evanoff were introduced to r.o.i. Design by Dixon Architecture and First Companies. 

        Evanoff Dental’s previous location in Muskegon didn’t allow for growth or the level of service and care they desired to provide their patients. 

        From the beginning, it was clear that they wanted a simple and clean design that looked professional but now “showy”. They wanted all their patients to feel comfortable and welcome. 

        The color palette was neutral but included some warm wood tones and hints of blue. 

        Some of r.o.i. Design’s favorite features include: 

        • Painted board and baton siding in the reception area. 
        • Textured and blended carpets. 
        • Ceiling details in the exam hallways.
        • Ceramic light fixtures. 

        Evanoff Dental moved into their space in 2022. Now their patients have a place where they feel comfortable and welcome. When talking to Dr. Karl about the project, he commented,  “Things are going very well. I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks for all your help.” We appreciate working with you as well.  


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        Grass Lake Pediatric Dentistry Opens New Office

        Grass Lake Pediatric Dentistry Opens New Office

        When Dave Bordewyk of DGB Health Care Construction met with Dr. Melissa Potacki in January of 2022, he discovered she was looking for a more hands-on experience with materials, so he reached out to us for help.

        r.o.i. Designer Megan Hoekzema met with Dr. Potacki, Dave, and contractor Tom Buchanan from Kasco and made a game plan for the interiors.

        Megan provided samples and support so that Dr. Potacki felt confident in what her space would look like.

        Key interior elements of the space include a stone wall with the business’ logo as you enter the space, a fun graphic wallcovering on the front of the reception desk, blue fan-shaped backsplash tile by the brushing station, and luxury vinyl plank throughout the walkways and treatment rooms.

        r.o.i. Design also made selections for and procured their new lobby furnishings. As of May 2022, the new interior build-out is complete.

        For more information about Grass Lake Pediatric Dentistry, go to their website: https://www.grasslakepdandortho.com/


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        Wolverine Dermatology Creates State of the Art Break Room 

        Wolverine Dermatology Creates State of the Art Break Room 

        r.o.i. Design has enjoyed our relationship with Dr. Ryan Freeland over the last five years as he developed his dermatology practice housed in their incredible building at 1673 Gezon Parkway. His commitment to veterans is evident from his reserved parking spaces, his military holiday celebrations, and his team’s military-patterned scrubs.   

        We worked on the initial concept with Jon Blair of R2 Design Group and First Companies, then the Phase 2 expansion, and most recently, the Phase 3 expansion that created more clinical, patient, and employee spaces to accommodate their growth. 

        While Phase 3 added so many needed spaces and followed the brand and direction that makes Wolverine Dermatology so great, the star of the remodel was the new military-themed café break room. 

        This new break room is large, with seating for 50 people, including bar seating for 16, lounge and dining seating for 34, and access to an exterior patio with outdoor seating for 20. This cafe features some amazing details, including oversized copper pendant lights, yellow banquette seating, extensive use of reclaimed wood at the bar, and a soon-to-be-added actual propeller from a vintage military aircraft.   

        But most impressive is the display wall that features a flag that Dr. Ryan flew home from his tour in Afghanistan and the oversized custom ribbons that describe the special honors earned by so many.  

        We salute Dr. Ryan Freeland and his commitment to honoring those who served in our country’s armed forces. 

          © All Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.

          The Derm Institute of West Michigan

          The Derm Institute of West Michigan

          Dr. Kristi Hawley and business partner/husband Garrett Adams dream big. They put their sights on developing a compelling practice in Caledonia, Michigan that would offer general dermatology, outpatient skin surgery, psoriasis treatment, and cosmetic skincare. Dr. Hawley has an established reputation in psoriasis treatment and speaks to groups nationally. 

          r.o.i. Design was introduced to The Derm Institute of West Michigan through First Companies, and we were pleased to be awarded the interior design of the new facility. Working with architect Jon Blair of R2Design Group and the team at First Companies, the office opened its doors in April of 2021. For the year prior, Dr. Hawley had rented space nearby and developed a growing clientele. She had outgrown that space by the time of the move. 

          The inspiration for the interiors came from their logo’s overlapping circles, suggesting the variety of care the practice offers but also the pattern itself. The radius theme was applied to the check-in/check-out desk, suggesting a gentle approach with multiple points of engagement. The pattern of the circles was also developed into laser-cut screens that were used as dividers in the lobby and backlit ceiling panels in the corridor. A wallpaper that had the same pattern was used at the front desk. The color palette is simple, crisp but warm. Most of the flooring throughout is a warm luxury vinyl tile. Other areas are carpeted in organic patterns to add to the spa-like feel. 

          We also procured furnishings for the non-medical spaces, creating a hospitality feel in the patient waiting areas.  

          We were thrilled to get a text from Dr. Hawley on move-in day, “I just want you to know I walked into the office today and it is perfect! Thank you for being my voice and my vision.” 

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          © All Photos Courtesy of First Companies, Inc.