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Cedar Animal Hospital Expands with New Emergency Wing

Cedar Animal Hospital Expands with New Emergency Wing

Drs. Larry and Judy Nauta have built a landmark veterinarian office in Cedar Springs, and as their practice grew, they knew their facility also needed to grow. Cedar Animal Hospital needed to accommodate patients and pet owners who need 24/7 emergency services.

r.o.i. Design met them through Pinnacle Construction, who created the building’s architectural design as well as constructed the building. We were engaged by Pinnacle to provide the interior design that met the practical and aesthetic requirements of the space: highly cleanable and comforting, with a touch of their Northern Michigan style.

Some of our favorite elements of the design include the new reception desk with a “wood” canopy that was built with acoustical materials, the lobby/waiting lighting, the large-scale porcelain floor tile, the interior wood walls in the lobby and staircases, and the warm color scheme.

Kudos to Pinnacle on the design of the emergency wing. Its modern approach, while different from the main building, is still “Northern Michigan” in its use of wood and metal on the exterior.

The design process with Dr. Larry and Dr. Judy was a great experience. Dr. Judy made cookies, their dog Rocket joined meetings as a consultant, and they expressed their appreciation for the whole design and construction team on a regular basis. We would like to think that some of the success of this project was their passion for what they do, coupled with r.o.i. Design’s love of pets.

“Cedar Animal Hospital is a great place to work because we are all on the same mission—to make a difference in the lives of people and pets.” Dr. Larry Nauta.

    Nicolai NA Moves their North American Headquarters

    Nicolai NA Moves their North American Headquarters

    Miller Ganapini, CEO and President of Nicolai Diamant NA, reached out to r.o.i. Design after seeing the interiors of Pennell CPA, which r.o.i. Design had just completed at the time.

    Nicolai Diamant is a world leader in the production of tools for polishing and finishing stone materials and marble slabs, with facilities in Italy, Russia, and the U.S.

    Ganapini purchased a building on 44th Street in Grand Rapids, and it required a complete interior remodel. Unique to this space was that the walls were all a cabinetry system that went up to the ceiling. The goal was to open the space completely and create a modern, European look.

    A key partner in the remodel was Haworth, the office furniture giant, whose president, Franco Bianchi, is also a friend of Ganapini’s. Bianchi gave us personal tours and advice on the Haworth products that would provide a forward-thinking, modern look. Working through Haworth’s dealership, Interphase, the new headquarters uses full glass wall systems for offices and the conference room, and a new introduction of moveable systems furniture that allows rotation of desks to provide options for collaboration or independent work.

    The interior design was intended to be minimalistic: white, gray, and black. This is seen in the carpet, case goods, and framing selections. The lounge seating added a touch of the new “turquoise”. A few accent colors can be found along with the artwork.

    The overall lighting was created by strip lighting hung 8 feet above the floor in a 10 feet tall space. There are a few decorative feature lights. All light fixture selections were inspired by styles by FLOS and other European designers.

    We learned a great deal working on this project with Ganapini. There was never a final selection until the best pricing and sourcing were confirmed. We coined a phrase for Ganapini, “No worries, I got a guy!” We did help them find a project manager who worked alongside his trades and staff to complete the project.


    Congratulations Nicolai NA and Miller Ganapini!

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    Commonwealth Engineering: A Partnership in Design 

    Commonwealth Engineering: A Partnership in Design 

    r.o.i. Design works for a variety of architects and contractors who need interior design at a variety of levels. Robert Pomeroy, Senior Vice President and Principal of Fishbeck Architects and Engineers, reached out in 2021 during a reorganization of their interior design department and asked us to finish up three projects for them.  

    “Finishing up” meant working with the architects and project managers to assist in delivering the project as designed. This included answering questions, working with vendors, reselections of materials for budget or lead time issues, responding to submittals, managing FFE (Fixture, Furniture, and Equipment) taking meetings, and overall holding the thread and integrity of the design. And, since this was during COVID when most of us were working remotely, it was especially challenging. 

    One of those projects was Commonwealth Engineering in Jackson Michigan, which was completed in late 2022. This was a remodel of a historic bank into their corporate office. In this project, we worked closely with their facility manager and senior management in selecting furniture and furniture finishes along with coordination of construction details with Fishbeck. 

    The first floor of this project has many mid-century features that Fishbeck’s designers embraced and complimented with metal, leather, and wood details along with beautiful architectural finishes. The lower-level houses meeting and conference spaces, one of which is in the old bank’s vault. 

    Congratulations to Fishbeck and Commonwealth Engineering on a successful remodeling project. 

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    Vos Glass Moves into New Offices and Fabrication Plant

    Vos Glass Moves into New Offices and Fabrication Plant

    Vos Glass started making plans in 2020 to build a new headquarters that would allow them to grow their business, expand their showroom, and improve their fabrication and distribution center. 

    Ken Watkins of Architectural Concepts was the architect of the building. Our previous relationship with Vos Glass, as a designer and customer, and with Architectural Concepts, made for a smooth integration for us to design the interiors. We worked directly with John Turner, President of Vos Glass, and Dennis Moomey, Prefabrication Leader. Dennis was also the construction manager for this project. 

    The design criteria for this project could be summarized as clean, contemporary, flexible, inspiring, and within the Vos Glass Brand. 

    The finished product delivered these criteria with some notable features:

    • Polished concrete floors throughout. 
    • Very well-lit spaces. 
    • Tall ceilings. 
    • Showcasing glass everywhere. Their office area is on display for customers to see a variety of glass installations. 
    • Mindful use of Vos Glass’ brand red color in paint, carpet, and acoustical baffles. 

    r.o.i. Design visited Vos Glass shortly after they moved in and spoke with Dennis about the process and outcome. He was kind enough to say, “It was fun working with you folks.” We can say, “Vos Glass it was great to work with you, too.” 

    Read more about Vos Glass’ new building in the M-Live article, June 7, 2022. 

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    National Nail “N” Bench 

    National Nail “N” Bench 

    One of r.o.i. Design’s current interior design projects is the expansion and remodel of the Corporate Offices for National Nail in Grand Rapids. Construction on this job is near completion. We have just completed the installation of two custom “N” benches displayed in their main lobby.  

    National Nail asked us to create a statement piece using their newly rebranded logo, which features an uppercase “N” composed of positive and negative space. Their main lobby has a seating area furnished with new furniture from r.o.i. Design. We created a bench to be a part of the seating arrangement with a back using the “N” shape.  

    The negative spaces of the “N” are three large “shadow boxes” filled with National Nail’s various fasteners they produce and distribute. Another material featured throughout the remodel is OSB sheathing. We used this as the backer and positive space of the “N”.  

    Bluewater Studios were the fabricators and installers of this custom statement piece. We have trusted their expertise and attention to detail on several past projects. This one is no exception as we feel it turned out amazing.  

    Stay tuned for more photos and information about the rest of the National Nail project in the coming months! 


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    BH92 Trucking Inc. Builds New Office

    BH92 Trucking Inc. Builds New Office

    Returning Customer FCC Construction and their project manager, Beau Byerly, contacted r.o.i. Design to work with their customer BH92 Trucking to make selections for their new building in Byron Center, MI. 

    This 20,000 sq. ft. building houses its operations, which include corporate offices, dispatch, fleet maintenance, leasing, and LAV truck repair.  An adjacent duplicate space was built for another tenant or future sister company. 

    All finishes needed to be very maintainable but BH92 didn’t want to compromise style. The overall palette is a sophisticated blend of warm grays and blacks.  

    Interior features include: 

    • Decorative wood wall in the lobby 
    • Durable luxury vinyl tiles in varied colors and patterns 
    • Black doors and trim 
    • Concrete-look porcelain tiles 

    BH92 Trucking has been in business since 2000, moving freight in 48 states and providing opportunities for employees to own their trucks and have a lifetime career in transportation. We enjoyed working with them on this project.  

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    © All photos courtesy of FCC Construction