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Two of our designers, Marianne and Lindsey went to NeoCon this month to see the new and exciting things in the world of commercial interior design products. They came back and are reporting on the trends they saw.  

Stronger than ever commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.  

  • PVC- free LVT flooring 
  • “Vinyl” wallcovering with no vinyl! Bio-based and carbon neutral without all the bad chemicals.  
  • Recyclable wallcoverings and flooring materials 
  • Seaqual® yarns in fabrics are made from plastic bottles removed from oceans  
  • Low embodied carbon and carbon neutral products 

Color and patterns are trending towards: 

  • Muted jewel tones 
  • Earth tones 
  • Not-quite-neutral color palettes with colors rooted in nature 
  • Large scale patterns  
  • “Grand Millennial“ floral and plaids 


  • Tables with thinner tops, including exploring ways to use new porcelain slabs  
  • Forms of lounge pieces are bubbly, rounded edges, plushy, and curvilinear 

    • Design inspiration from the old – artists, poets, and classic furniture designers 
    • Upcycled wood from materials like chopsticks 
    • Recycled content from electronics production waste into a new raw material for furniture components 


    One last thing 

    Have you heard? Probably not, since it is so quiet in here, but acoustic design is sticking around. It can’t be called a trend anymore. Acoustic products were more prominent this year than previously. Everyone has an offering in some form (tiles, baffles, screens, light fixtures, etc…). Materials are diversifying as well. One new product is cork wall panels that have acoustic and sustainable design qualities.  


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