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The contractor is gone, the furniture is in place, and everyone has moved in, but the space doesn’t feel complete. r.o.i. Design is on hand to assist our clients in selecting wall décor, accessories, and window coverings – an important part of making a space feel complete.

Wall décor may be framed images that complement the design. That could mean realistic to abstract art, or company-related graphics. Other wall décor would include 3D sculptures, clocks, wall-mounted greenery, and more.

Accessories may be occasional tables, tabletop silks and greenery, glass or ceramic vases and trays, floor lamps, baskets, books, sculptures, or decorative bowls.

Window coverings in commercial spaces are typically solar shades. If a more residential look is desired, we can also design decorative fabric side panels.

Our process in supplying these items includes site visits, décor selections and presentations, budgets and proposals, and installation. Typically a short turnaround, we can upgrade your space in 4 to 8 weeks.

We can also make suggestions for seasonal decorations that you can purchase and reuse for seasons to come.

For more information, reach out to Ronda Geyer at r.o.i. Design, rondageyer@roidesign, or 616-272-5302.