r.o.i. Design believes that an investment in design creates a “return on investment”. We care about your business and your home, not just about the design. We treat your project holistically, keeping in mind your desires, your budget and your goals.


We are fearless in developing new ideas and ways of doing business. Our experience and restlessness for excellence drives us to go where others may not.

Problem Solvers

We view design as a way of thinking and being, not just a deliverable. Creativity spans all that we do.


We offer expert competencies in the areas of interior design, graphic design, design planning, and all areas of the business of design. We value people and demonstrate genuine interest in how people process information and develop ideas. We like to help.

Flexible Team

Small but mighty, we are able to provide a bundle of services that offers complete solutions. We recognize each others gifts and talents and are quick to organize around customer needs. We are eager to collaborate with other teams and expand the ability to offer even more to our customers.


Our personalities and flare are distinctive in our business. We entertain, engage and maintain relationships with our customers. Our office is a welcome place for all visitors who find warmth and creativity in our space.


Vision & Mission

Our Team