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r.o.i. Design: The Experts in Contract Furniture Styling

r.o.i. Design: The Experts in Contract Furniture Styling

Recently, we have been posting blog articles about our expertise in contract furniture, regarding comfort and maintenance; Comfortable Seating and Durable Casegoods.

Our contract furniture customers are interested in how we can provide style and durability and our manufacturers are responding.  

Our customers are furnishing lobbies, hotel rooms, break rooms, and a variety of lounges in corporate spaces. They are looking for a “hospitality/residential” look with the added advantage of durability that commercial furniture provides. 

The industry is calling this style resi-mercial, which means creating homelike environments – where we truly enjoy spending time.  

Corporate environments continue to work towards bringing employees back to the office in order to build teamwork and team culture, and the current strategy is to create home-like settings to support that.  Those settings also require a sensitivity to lighting and finishes, but the tactile experience of furniture is very important. 

So, resi-mercial today borrows from the current residential trends that include a combination of modern, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, mission style, Art Deco, Victorian, contemporary, and industrial, just to name a few. These popular furniture styles are those that people have used and loved long after they were first created 

Acoustic Solutions for the Open Office. 

Acoustic Solutions for the Open Office. 

As the open office concept gained momentum, solving the issues of acoustic privacy became a real concern, especially post-COVID. 

r.o.i. Design has attended NeoCon for the last three seasons, and the number of companies that are offering acoustical solutions has grown exponentially. Furniture companies have acoustical systems, as do wall covering manufacturers, laminate manufacturers, and even lighting manufacturers.  

When we work with our clients who have acoustic concerns, we survey the types of materials in the space. How many hard surfaces are there? Carpeting will absorb sound, while tile, LVT, and wood floors may bounce sound. Are there any textures on the walls? How tall are the ceilings? All these factors can contribute to the acoustical quality of a room. 

We suggest a layering of solutions. Wall panels applied from 30” to 72” off the floor are likely to be the most helpful. In some cases, office system panels can provide sound absorption. For rooms with taller ceilings, we suggest hanging solutions, such as baffles, planks, or ceiling clouds made from traditional acoustical tile grids.  

Manufacturers are working to make their applied surfaces more aesthetic by offering custom designs, printed graphics, sculptural textures, and more to make solutions more than just practical. 

We have used several manufacturers, and they all are excellent options. We can help you find some inspiration for any type of solution. Let us know how we can help your space be more comfortable and healthier with acoustical solutions. 

Commonwealth Engineering: A Partnership in Design 

Commonwealth Engineering: A Partnership in Design 

r.o.i. Design works for a variety of architects and contractors who need interior design at a variety of levels. Robert Pomeroy, Senior Vice President and Principal of Fishbeck Architects and Engineers, reached out in 2021 during a reorganization of their interior design department and asked us to finish up three projects for them.  

“Finishing up” meant working with the architects and project managers to assist in delivering the project as designed. This included answering questions, working with vendors, reselections of materials for budget or lead time issues, responding to submittals, managing FFE (Fixture, Furniture, and Equipment) taking meetings, and overall holding the thread and integrity of the design. And, since this was during COVID when most of us were working remotely, it was especially challenging. 

One of those projects was Commonwealth Engineering in Jackson Michigan, which was completed in late 2022. This was a remodel of a historic bank into their corporate office. In this project, we worked closely with their facility manager and senior management in selecting furniture and furniture finishes along with coordination of construction details with Fishbeck. 

The first floor of this project has many mid-century features that Fishbeck’s designers embraced and complimented with metal, leather, and wood details along with beautiful architectural finishes. The lower-level houses meeting and conference spaces, one of which is in the old bank’s vault. 

Congratulations to Fishbeck and Commonwealth Engineering on a successful remodeling project. 

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Comfortable Seating: Our Expert Advice 

Comfortable Seating: Our Expert Advice 

r.o.i. Design has been supplying clients with furnishings for more than 20 years and the need for comfort in seating is crucial, especially when you can’t test out the sit. 

Here are some helpful tips we have learned when shopping for comfortable seating. 

Upholstered Seating 

Something to look for in comfortable upholstered seating is the dimensions. The overall height plus the depth of the seat needs to total 38” to 40”. So, if the seat height is 19”, then the depth of the seat needs to be 19 to 21”. If the seat height is 20”, then the depth of the seat needs to be 18 to 20”.  

Some other items to consider are: 

  • An older person may need a taller seat height and less seat depth. Arms are essential for helping a person get themselves up out of the chair. 
  • A younger person is more likely to sit at a lower height but may need the option of a back cushion. 

In a commercial setting, it is important to use durable fabrics. Technology has come a long way and r.o.i. Design recommends using Crypton woven fabrics or vinyl-coated fabrics. We recommend no less than 30,000 double rubs (an industry standard of wearability), but we specify fabrics closer to 100,000 double rubs for our projects. 

Break Room Seating 

While most companies want their employees to be comfortable, don’t plan on break room seating to be used for more than 30 minutes at a time. 

  • Chairs with a poly shell that has some movement in the back improve comfort. 
  • An upholstered seat in a wipeable fabric is nice but take into consideration how it changes the seat height (see the note above on dimensions for upholstered seating). 
  • A chair with a metal sled base will be easier to move and more likely to keep its structure than a four-legged chair. 
  • Four-legged metal chairs are more stable when built with stringers (metal rods that go between the legs). 
  • Proper floor glides should be used based on flooring material to prevent damage to the floor. Most chairs are sold with hard vinyl or metal glides. 

We are continually informing our clients to help them make good decisions when purchasing commercial furnishings. Let us know how we can help you! 


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Evanoff Dental Builds New Office

Evanoff Dental Builds New Office

Dr. Karl and Deidre Evanoff were introduced to r.o.i. Design by Dixon Architecture and First Companies. 

Evanoff Dental’s previous location in Muskegon didn’t allow for growth or the level of service and care they desired to provide their patients. 

From the beginning, it was clear that they wanted a simple and clean design that looked professional but now “showy”. They wanted all their patients to feel comfortable and welcome. 

The color palette was neutral but included some warm wood tones and hints of blue. 

Some of r.o.i. Design’s favorite features include: 

  • Painted board and baton siding in the reception area. 
  • Textured and blended carpets. 
  • Ceiling details in the exam hallways.
  • Ceramic light fixtures. 

Evanoff Dental moved into their space in 2022. Now their patients have a place where they feel comfortable and welcome. When talking to Dr. Karl about the project, he commented,  “Things are going very well. I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks for all your help.” We appreciate working with you as well.  


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