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After buying a new blue car, do you see blue cars everywhere? Working for Trailer X-Press was like that. After we met them and understood that they had over 6,000 semi-trailers somewhere, we realized why we kept seeing their logo on trailers and mudflaps everywhere.

Trailer X-Press is in its second generation of leadership and thriving. They moved from a sliver of property in southeast Grand Rapids to an expansive 83,000 SF building in Caledonia. This move allows them to improve all parts of their business, planning for growth and raising the level of performance.

We welcomed the invitation from Daniel Zilzer, Project Lead and Architect at Wolverine Building Group, to provide interior design services for this group. Working with Trailer X-Press leaders Mackenzie, Julie, and Scott was energizing as their passion for their business was addictive.

While we were mostly involved in the office building and parts store, the project included an extensive repair and maintenance “barn” and lots of parking for semi-trailers in process.

When we joined the project, there were already so many great things about the building, especially the two-story entry with a prominent spiral staircase that leads from reception to executive offices. The color red was a clear choice in all parts of the design as it is at the core of their brand and marketing.

Combining maintainable services with great aesthetics was part of the brief. The lobby has a beautiful porcelain tile that transitions to polished concrete for some open offices. Concrete-look vinyl flooring and carpet were used for closed offices and conference spaces.

Designing within their brand inspired the team to use diamond plate dimensional paneling on the reception desk, the staircase half walls, and in the parts store.

The two-story entry allowed for interesting uses of decorative lighting, suspended at different heights based on the staircase and overall lumen needs. The result is fitting to the space.

We will be happy to see the Trailer X-Press logo on trailers and mudflaps for a long time, and hope our readers do too!