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Miller Ganapini, CEO and President of Nicolai Diamant NA, reached out to r.o.i. Design after seeing the interiors of Pennell CPA, which r.o.i. Design had just completed at the time.

Nicolai Diamant is a world leader in the production of tools for polishing and finishing stone materials and marble slabs, with facilities in Italy, Russia, and the U.S.

Ganapini purchased a building on 44th Street in Grand Rapids, and it required a complete interior remodel. Unique to this space was that the walls were all a cabinetry system that went up to the ceiling. The goal was to open the space completely and create a modern, European look.

A key partner in the remodel was Haworth, the office furniture giant, whose president, Franco Bianchi, is also a friend of Ganapini’s. Bianchi gave us personal tours and advice on the Haworth products that would provide a forward-thinking, modern look. Working through Haworth’s dealership, Interphase, the new headquarters uses full glass wall systems for offices and the conference room, and a new introduction of moveable systems furniture that allows rotation of desks to provide options for collaboration or independent work.

The interior design was intended to be minimalistic: white, gray, and black. This is seen in the carpet, case goods, and framing selections. The lounge seating added a touch of the new “turquoise”. A few accent colors can be found along with the artwork.

The overall lighting was created by strip lighting hung 8 feet above the floor in a 10 feet tall space. There are a few decorative feature lights. All light fixture selections were inspired by styles by FLOS and other European designers.

We learned a great deal working on this project with Ganapini. There was never a final selection until the best pricing and sourcing were confirmed. We coined a phrase for Ganapini, “No worries, I got a guy!” We did help them find a project manager who worked alongside his trades and staff to complete the project.


Congratulations Nicolai NA and Miller Ganapini!

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