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As the open office concept gained momentum, solving the issues of acoustic privacy became a real concern, especially post-COVID. 

r.o.i. Design has attended NeoCon for the last three seasons, and the number of companies that are offering acoustical solutions has grown exponentially. Furniture companies have acoustical systems, as do wall covering manufacturers, laminate manufacturers, and even lighting manufacturers.  

When we work with our clients who have acoustic concerns, we survey the types of materials in the space. How many hard surfaces are there? Carpeting will absorb sound, while tile, LVT, and wood floors may bounce sound. Are there any textures on the walls? How tall are the ceilings? All these factors can contribute to the acoustical quality of a room. 

We suggest a layering of solutions. Wall panels applied from 30” to 72” off the floor are likely to be the most helpful. In some cases, office system panels can provide sound absorption. For rooms with taller ceilings, we suggest hanging solutions, such as baffles, planks, or ceiling clouds made from traditional acoustical tile grids.  

Manufacturers are working to make their applied surfaces more aesthetic by offering custom designs, printed graphics, sculptural textures, and more to make solutions more than just practical. 

We have used several manufacturers, and they all are excellent options. We can help you find some inspiration for any type of solution. Let us know how we can help your space be more comfortable and healthier with acoustical solutions.