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Vos Glass started making plans in 2020 to build a new headquarters that would allow them to grow their business, expand their showroom, and improve their fabrication and distribution center. 

Ken Watkins of Architectural Concepts was the architect of the building. Our previous relationship with Vos Glass, as a designer and customer, and with Architectural Concepts, made for a smooth integration for us to design the interiors. We worked directly with John Turner, President of Vos Glass, and Dennis Moomey, Prefabrication Leader. Dennis was also the construction manager for this project. 

The design criteria for this project could be summarized as clean, contemporary, flexible, inspiring, and within the Vos Glass Brand. 

The finished product delivered these criteria with some notable features:

  • Polished concrete floors throughout. 
  • Very well-lit spaces. 
  • Tall ceilings. 
  • Showcasing glass everywhere. Their office area is on display for customers to see a variety of glass installations. 
  • Mindful use of Vos Glass’ brand red color in paint, carpet, and acoustical baffles. 

r.o.i. Design visited Vos Glass shortly after they moved in and spoke with Dennis about the process and outcome. He was kind enough to say, “It was fun working with you folks.” We can say, “Vos Glass it was great to work with you, too.” 

Read more about Vos Glass’ new building in the M-Live article, June 7, 2022. 

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