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Dr. Karl and Deidre Evanoff were introduced to r.o.i. Design by Dixon Architecture and First Companies. 

Evanoff Dental’s previous location in Muskegon didn’t allow for growth or the level of service and care they desired to provide their patients. 

From the beginning, it was clear that they wanted a simple and clean design that looked professional but now “showy”. They wanted all their patients to feel comfortable and welcome. 

The color palette was neutral but included some warm wood tones and hints of blue. 

Some of r.o.i. Design’s favorite features include: 

  • Painted board and baton siding in the reception area. 
  • Textured and blended carpets. 
  • Ceiling details in the exam hallways.
  • Ceramic light fixtures. 

Evanoff Dental moved into their space in 2022. Now their patients have a place where they feel comfortable and welcome. When talking to Dr. Karl about the project, he commented,  “Things are going very well. I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks for all your help.” We appreciate working with you as well.  


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