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We pride ourselves on being a commercial interior design group that has experience in a variety of environments. In the last few years our work has created office environments (from manufacturers to a variety of service providers), retail environments (from stores to neighborhood dental/orthodontic practices), schools (charter schools and higher education spaces), hospitality and multi-family spaces (hotels and apartments), and religious spaces (worship and educational related).

Campus View Apartments, Clubhouse – Allendale, MI

While there is variety in the types of spaces, our customers have some key attributes in common:

  • They have a budget
  • They have a company story, a brand. Sometimes it is more developed than others.
  • They want their space to appeal and attract customers as well as please current and future employees.

River House Condo – Grand Rapids, MI

Our design process, early in concept design, includes budget development. Our experience working with contractors and owners has given us perspective and knowledge that can identify budget issues early on, before all the design fees are spent.

Concept and developed design needs to reflect who the company is. We interview our clients, we listen as well as we can, and then summarize back to our customers what we heard.

Wolverine Power Cooperative, Conference Room – Cadillac, MI

Everyone wants their space to be beautiful. But even more importantly, it needs to attract the target customer and maintain and inspire the ideal customer. This is a focused aesthetic, delivered with restraint.

For more information, see our current company brochure:

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