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Completed Renovation

Completed Renovation

largebookThe Burpo family experienced a miracle that resulted in the book and now the movie, “Heaven is for Real”.

That miracle is bringing a lot of attention to the Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, Nebraska. (heavenisforreal.net) Anticipating a new wave of attention, Pastor Todd Burpo and Executive Pastor Phil Harris, knew this opportunity meant updating their sanctuary to make sure it was a very welcoming place.   A few years ago, they had expanded the church’s footprint with a large multiple purpose room,  additional offices and classrooms because their ministry required those spaces. But now the vintage pews and dated lighting had to go; their story and their ministry was far more dynamic than their worship space.

Design became real.

August Camera Clean Out 021

The Worship Center before Renovation

With the help of Skype and patient clients, we lead them through a design process, exploring a variety of ideas to update the sanctuary. We made a site visit that was memorable because of blooming sunflowers, an impressive leadership team, and the sense that miracles were still happening in Imperial, Nebraska.

The new space is nearly complete as we write these words. (We will post photos as soon as we have them. See rendering below.)

  • Replacing the leaky stained glass windows with energy efficient windows and panels of Lumasite ®
  • Widening the stage area with new audio and visual technology (enabling them to broadcast in the future.)
  • Softening the “peak” of the ceiling and replacing low light chandeliers with In-ceiling LED lighting. (Nebraska is dusty!)
  • Creating a lighting plan that allows for a variety of settings and situations.
  • New wall finishes (paint, wood siding and acoustical panels)
  • New flooring (modular carpet with accents)
  • New seating (stackable chairs and café tables and chairs)

    Completed Renovation View from the Stage

    Completed Renovation View from the Stage

  • AND hanging a prop from the movie (a faux stained glass window) in the space along with spaces for seasonal banners and artwork.
Scene 5 enhanced

Rendering of New Interior

Through the process, it did occur to us that there are many churches who have miracles buried behind pews and hidden in dusty chandeliers.  Let there be design.




r.o.i  Design met Pastor Todd Burpo through Lifestream Church’s pastor, Jim  Mannis. Todd and Jim are school friends and both ministers of Wesleyan Churches.  Our work at Lifestream, Pastor Jim’s church, was a huge remodeling project turning a retired middle school into a lively church facility. (www.lifestreamweb.org)