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One of r.o.i. Design’s current interior design projects is the expansion and remodel of the Corporate Offices for National Nail in Grand Rapids. Construction on this job is near completion. We have just completed the installation of two custom “N” benches displayed in their main lobby.  

National Nail asked us to create a statement piece using their newly rebranded logo, which features an uppercase “N” composed of positive and negative space. Their main lobby has a seating area furnished with new furniture from r.o.i. Design. We created a bench to be a part of the seating arrangement with a back using the “N” shape.  

The negative spaces of the “N” are three large “shadow boxes” filled with National Nail’s various fasteners they produce and distribute. Another material featured throughout the remodel is OSB sheathing. We used this as the backer and positive space of the “N”.  

Bluewater Studios were the fabricators and installers of this custom statement piece. We have trusted their expertise and attention to detail on several past projects. This one is no exception as we feel it turned out amazing.  

Stay tuned for more photos and information about the rest of the National Nail project in the coming months! 


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