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When going to the orthodontist doesn’t feel like a medical appointment. Meet Dr. Kathryn Swan.

Swan Orthodontics’ vision for their new space was to create a happy, bright, and professional space that families enjoy coming to. Dr. Kathryn Swan is committed and energized by how their work shapes people’s lives, not just their teeth, and wanted the interior design to reflect that.

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r.o.i. Design developed a “crisp” and reflective design that used pops of color and graphics. LED lights were strategically placed in bulkheads and engineered so staff could change the light colors as part of the celebration when patients completed their treatments.

The lobby and reception area is a fun space with lots to look at. A slushy machine was installed in the lobby area and the flavors are changed through the week.

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The open clinic was separated by custom dividers that used simple acrylic with an applied decorative film to create patient privacy without full walls.

The brushing area sported fun graphics and blue glass pebble wall tile along with colorful benches and ottomans.

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First Companies executed the space with great care and attention to details with a special shout out to Jordon Irish, project manager. Dixon Architecture was the architect of record and worked alongside r.o.i. Design to fulfill the vision. Thanks, Ken and Patty for a smooth design ride.

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