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The Baum family has made Hastings Fiberglass a success for more than 50 years. That success is based on their innovation, customer care and their commitment to their community. But their ability to grow was limited based on their physical plant, so in 2016 they started to plan for a new headquarters and a state-of-the-art plant.

Wolverine Building Groups’ Brandon Hartel called r.o.i. Design to help with the interior design of this 100,000 SF, 8M project. He said that they needed “the r.o.i. Design touch”. Working with Wolverine and Hastings Fiberglass’ President Dave Baum and Earlene Baum, we worked through the decisions for the finishes of their offices as well as the plant.

Some of our favorite results include the open staircase from the lobby to the second-floor offices, the break room/lunch room and the colors in the manufacturing space. Baum admitted he thought we were “a little nutty” putting all those colors in the plant, but he is so glad we did.

Congratulations to the Baum Family, Hastings Fiberglass and Wolverine Building Group for a job well done!

Excerpts From The Hastings Banner, 5/24/2018 

Hastings Fiberglass begins Celebration with Ribbon Cutting

Hastings Mayor Dave Tossava spoke on behalf of the city, saying the achievement of Hastings Fiberglass is something for which the community should be proud. He thanked the Baum family for keeping their promise to stay committed to the community and keeping their world headquarters in Hastings.

“I knew Earl McMillan and Earl McMillan Jr. and I know they would be very proud of what stands here today,” Tossava of the founders.

Travis Alden, president of the Barry County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Alliance, congratulated the company for its growth and accomplishments.

“I want to thank the Baum family for their investment and commitment and for the tremendous opportunities to come from this project. We at the chamber will do whatever we can to make sure this company will continue to thrive,” said Alden.

Employees Joe Hendricks and Dennis James both agreed the larger workspace has helped things to run much smoother, and the flow of work has increased dramatically.

“I also feel a great sense of pride when I drive up to this building, and to point it out, and telling people this is where I work,” said Hendricks.

Dave Baum said moving the company the past two months was a difficult process. Computers and many other equipment needed to be updated or replaced, and during the move, he said, he wanted to make certain the operation continued.

“I am just amazed,” said Earlene Baum. “The building is so beautiful. My dad would not have believed what he started would have turned into this.”

Hastings Fiberglass has always maintained a close relationship with the community, and the community has always been supportive. The relationship is symbiotic and, fortunately for both bodies, the bond will continue far into the future.”

To learn more about Hastings Fiberglass go to hfgp.com