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In 2015, Pinnacle Construction introduced us to ABC Pediatrics for the interior design of their new building in Wyoming. The project was already in construction and we worked with the team of doctors to come up with a family-friendly interior.

Their second location in Walker grew jealous of the new facility’s fresh look. So this year they decided to make some cosmetic changes to their 3 Mile Road offices. They asked r.o.i. Design to work with them to create a look for this space. They were looking for something that was different than Wyoming but still fun, residential, warm and welcoming.

No walls were moved and no doors or windows were replaced. But every surface was refreshed with new paint, carpet or laminate. For this location, r.o.i. Design took a soft graphics approach to the interior, adding stripes and squares to the walls. Perhaps our favorite detail was the carpet patterns. We highlighted each exam room entrance with a bold color. Plus, we created diagonal “paved” pattern sections to the floor.

And, like their Wyoming location, we added some large ottomans to the lobby for fun seating.

A shout-out to Dr. Jennifer Perry for managing all the trades and getting the project completed on time and on budget!

We are so impressed with this group’s care for their patients and staff and now we are all proud of how their offices look!

Congratulations ABC Pediatrics!

For more about ABC Pediatrics go to abcpedspc.com