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Business growth demanded Dooge Veneers to plan for hiring over the next five years. Already their recent growth had new staff using conference rooms for offices and doubling up in offices.

They had a large warehouse area that they used to inspect veneers as well as serve as a veneer sample library for their sales staff and their customers. Their goal was to convert that space to open office with a larger conference room.

Like their current offices, they wanted to use some of their veneers as architectural finishes. They were also hoping they could avoid putting a ceiling into the “warehouse” space, but rather find a way to create a more urban loft appearance exposing the ceiling structure and mechanical.

“Dooge Veneers is a wonderful customer because they are very design sensitive and aware of trends because they provide veneers for interiors and work with architects and designers all the time,” says Mary Witte, owner, r.o.i. Design. “Not only do they understand design, they challenge us and collaborate with us, so whenever we work with them the result is world-class”.

In 2009, the office was remodeled and many of the finishes still looked fresh, so r.o.i. Design identified the criteria for the new expanded open office based on elements that existed as well as taking advantage of today’s design style. Key to the design was the creation of custom “office cubicles”. Previously, Dooge had free standing desks with full height wood panel dividers that lined a wall in a much smaller open office. In order to maximize the space, r.o.i. Design opened up the warehouse to the existing offices, added spots for six people and the expanded sales space. While this meant offices had to be a little smaller, the new “cubicles”, using matched “rustic random” walnut veneer, recut walnut veneer and stainless steel trim, were more than enough for staff to accomplish their work. Their ability to work more collaboratively in the open office has proved to be very efficient and promotes the sharing of information. The new conference room allows for larger meetings while also creating a beautiful back drop to the open office with their new logo on a glass wall. Inside the conference room, r.o.i. designed inset panels in the drywall with FC Sapele wood and stainless steel trim.

This project, like so many recently, we also assist in the actual execution of the remodel, offering select project management services.

Dooge Veneers, whose offices are located in southeast Grand Rapids, has been in business for over 50 years. r.o.i. Design has had the extreme honor of helping this group design and remodel their corporate office and showroom three times over 20 years.