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There is glory in planning a great project and being able to guide the design criteria. There is great satisfaction in selecting architectural finishes that meet the budget and still provide a stunning look. While r.o.i. Design continually has those opportunities, we also appreciate the projects when we are asked to put on the “finishing touches”.

Finishing touches could include wall art, accessory furnishings or signage.

Recently we have had this opportunity with Rylee’s Ace Hardware and Wolverine Power Cooperative.


Signage installation at Rylee’s Ace Hardware, Grand Rapids, MI.

Lori Terpstra, owner and CEO of Rylee’s Ace Hardware in Grand Rapids, MI contacted us this fall reminding us that it has been seven years since we designed their store and wanted the colors and signage to be updated. Taking into consideration the Ace Hardware national brand direction, but more importantly Lori’s store and customer, we created a bold solution. When we first designed the space, colors were more muted and neutral, today color is brighter-more celebrated and we brought that to the store. In 2009 retail department signage typically was based on lifestyle images and text; today it’s all about symbols. We took today’s graphic preferences and brought them to the design. www.ryleesace.com


Community Wall at Wolverine Power Cooperative, Cadillac, MI.

Wolverine Power Cooperative, Cadillac, MI, moved into their new corporate offices less than a year ago. Our work as designers on the project gave us some insights into their brand and messaging. Dawn Coon, Executive Director of Administration, appreciated our perspective and engaged us to create custom wall décor for several of their walls in this large facility.

Making the wall décor personal and relevant to our customer’s business assists in creating the ROI we have built our business on.

In addition to corporate inspired art, Wolverine has purchased art produced by Michigan artists and will continue to support locally created art. www.wolverinepowercooperative.com

42 image panels installation at Wolverine Power Co-op.

42 image panels installation at Wolverine Power Cooperative, Cadillac, MI.

Wolverine Power Supply Co-op Custom Service Map Wood Print

Custom Service Map Wood Print, Wolverine Power Cooperative, Cadillac, MI.