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We at r.o.i. Design like to explore the fabrication of decorative elements for our design customers and their environments.


We were recently inspired by the Starbucks at UNIQLO in Chicago, and wanted to create our own art using wood panels. (Image: Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune)

This summer we created our own “art on wood”. This is a very popular decorative trend and there are a variety of options to get your design on wood. But after budgeting options, we thought there had to be a cost effective, local way to achieve this. So with some patience, testing and research we were able to deliver two projects.


Campus View Apartments, Allendale, MI

Campus View Apartments had an entry hallway of painted concrete block. They wanted to get rid of the look and thought the only way to do that was drywall the entire corridor. Based on other elements in our redesign of the lobby, welcome center and offices, we introduced the idea of a plaid pattern on birch panels to cover the block. Plaid is popular now in interior design, so by using one color – black – on the birch we aimed to create a classic finish.

Wolverine Power Supply Co-op Custom Service Map Wood Print

Wolverine Power Supply Co-op Custom Service Map Wood Print

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative completed their new offices using our interior designs. One design criteria was to bring the outdoors in, and another was to foster more inter-company communication. So, as part of the overall art design, we created a custom “map” of the areas they serve, rendered artistically and then executed on wood. The impact met the customer’s expectation for “art”.

We love creating custom elements by using all of our skills. Ryan Bright, our creative executive, can graphically design anything – from playbills, to signage, to original art. Doug Pettinga, our resident “jack of all trades”, is up for most projects that require lumber and fastening. Mary, Mary Jane and Ronda introduce ideas to customers. We have a small shop, a warehouse and a creative-curious culture.

Custom Scrabble Wall Art, pin Dance, Holland, MI

Custom Scrabble Wall Art, Spin Dance, Holland, MI


Custom Painted Mural, Crystal Center, Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, MI

Custom Wall Mural, Hutchinson, Grand Rapids, MI ©Tiberius Images

Custom Wall Mural, Hutchinson, Grand Rapids, MI ©Tiberius Images