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Tryp_Fitness_RoomSuccessful hotels have figured out the guest room experience and continue to figure out how to accommodate the ever changing lifestyle needs of their customers.

Comfort and convenience in the guest experience is paramount and that is defined by more than a goods night sleep.

Mobile Connections:

Being connected in real time to the incoming guest as they travel to your hotel is increasingly important. With the arrival of competitor airbnb.com, personal texting around the customer arrival and their changing needs has become expected. The kind of virtual presence a hotel creates needs to be personal and flexible.

Healthy Meals and Snacks:

Fueling the guest 24/7 is an important consideration. Making water available without a cost, replacing typical vending with

Easy Exercise:

Hotels have included exercise rooms in their facilities but unless the guest packed work out wear or a swim suit, determines their motivation to use the amenity. Some hotels have gotten creative and offer to their guests some options for a “healthy walk-run” in and around their community. In-hotel TV stations offering 10 and 20 minute in-room workouts that can be done in the available space in the guest suite.

dog-friendly-hotel-long-island2Pet Friendly:

Pets are a necessary nuisance for properties. Knowing that pets make maintaining a room more challenging, hotels that want to accommodated guests with pets have come up with innovative solutions. Dedicating a small group of rooms for pet occupancy that has hard flooring verses carpet, and has easy access to an exit is a minimum investment. Those rooms would not be exclusively used by pet families and still would meet the expectations of the typical guest. Providing outside dog park areas away from vehicle and pedestrian traffic promotes cleanliness and safety.
r.o.i. Design understands the importance of good design and planning, creating the best customer experience while visiting your hotel.