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We have been to the 2015 trade shows, our sales representatives have come in to show us their new items, and there is a lot of great introductions. Here are just a few items to tempt you.

The perfectly diffused direct/indirect illumination of Cycle creates a luminous halo that fills large spaces with presence and simplicity.  Seamlessly finished with rolled concentric aluminum extrusions it features high performance discreet LEDs. Eureka Lighting

Fashion Stacked Wood

Fashion Stacked Wood

Bring in the warmth of wood combined with modern good looks and environmental sensitivity with Fashion Stacked Wood solid hardwood panels. These pre-finished panels will give attention-grabbing textural interest. Fashion Architectural Products

Colorfield by Hella Jongerius - Image Copyright Maharam

Colorfield by Hella Jongerius – Image Copyright Maharam

Colorfield by Hella Jongerius combines multiple weave structures in a highly tactile surface. Various textures alternate in blocks: a two-toned grid dissolves into a patch of diagonal twill that then transitions to an expanse of solid basket weave. Stacked bands of color are counterposed, with broad columns of neutral texture offsetting their various rhythms. 100% wool. Maharam

swagr seating

Swagr Lounge

Swagr brings levity to any space and situation. Inspired by the tendency of people to retreat to more casual sitting areas for everyday tasks, Swagr offers a happy medium between office chairs and more informal seats like ottomans or bean bag chairs. The result is a whimsical family of seating made to fit everywhere from group spaces and lounge areas to private offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and more. EKO Contract

table on casters


Wheels is entirely mobile and designed to support an idea lab, where the spontaneous exchange of ideas fosters creativity. Equipped with large casters and built with light wire structures for movement in an instant the design is minimal, deceptively raw, with only essential elements included. Keilhauer