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Continuing our conversation about flooring (see our blog article on luxury vinyl tile), we introduce you to two different companies. One is totally design driven and one is responding to a unique challenge.

mirth0324Mirth Studio, Charleston, South Carolina, has entered the flooring industry with colorful, patterned hardwood floor tiles. They are promoted as easy to install, fully customizable, made in the US and environmentally responsible. The cool thing is their use of new technology to print and seal the surface of an engineered wood tile or plank. Visit their website here.

murad_project_calloutKinetex, J&J Flooring Group, has developed an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard surface flooring.  Promoting a reduced environmental footprint compared to other hard-surface options is because it is easier to maintain, Kinetix offers an acoustical advantage, a health advantage and a comfort advantage that hard tiles cannot. It also offers a unique time savings as it can be laid on curing concrete floor before all the moisture of the concrete is released. For the complete story on Kinetex, visit jj-kinetex.com.