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r.o.i. Design would like to share the highlights from Bostwick Design Partnership’s presentation “Building Collaboration” as seen at the COAA Workshop in April 2015.

This presentation resonated with r.o.i. Design’s own philosophies in the work of their sister company “Accelerate ROI”.

building-collaboration-chartFor both Bostwick Design and Accelerate ROI, creating one team in the process of developing and building a project is far more cost effective than managing a variety of teams especially if they don’t share similar goals.

Creating “one team” means starting with a cross populated committee of owner, contractor, and design team stake holders. Immediately this raises concerns that time and money is being spent by inserting a new step into a process that can already challenge the “time, dime and shine”.

But it has been proven that by creating a common goal, increasing the amount of communication, and cooperation, the owner will realize a savings either in reduced schedule, reduced changed orders or both.

The fundamental principle in in creating true collaboration is the building of a culture that trusts each other, appreciates inquiry, and creates purpose. When a group of people care about each other and their project, it is contagious.

In addition to setting up a new step in planning, this process also excels when that leadership team measures progress continually, fosters open discussions and acknowledges performance.

The collaborative construction project has these attributes:

  • Cross discipline leadership teams
  • A shared goal that takes on its own life within the project – as seen in signage, project solutions, recognition and celebrations
  • Limited to no turn over in key staff
  • Overall project team satisfaction
  • Unprecedented quality craftsmanship and owner pride
  • Reduced changes orders and over-runs
  • Budget and schedule maintenance

The successful construction companies of today are incorporating collaborative practices with great returns for their businesses and their customers.