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GRCDC Letters 01The Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center has been r.o.i. Design’s not-for-profit partner for 3 years. We support their marketing and communication needs by offering graphic design and marketing support for their projects. Currently we are trying to collect individual letters to create a temporary sign to identity the schoolSince they moved into their new site at 409 Lafayette  SE, a sign has not been a budget priority, but to properly promote the school, they need a sign!

We have collected a lot of letters, but there is still an opportunity to donate if you have a D, C, S or G!


 The Grand Rapids Child Discover Center (GRCDC) is a diverse, urban, K-5 school in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI. The school believes education is based on relationships; relationships to others, to ideas, to the environment and the larger community.  This approach is based on the Reggio Emilia method which encourages curiosity, discovery and connectedness. This shared experience in passionate discovery engages all members of our school community in co-constructing a unique and effective education. For more information visit grcdc.org.