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Dentists of today are a sophisticated group of business people who are engaging their customer in new ways. Promoting preventative habits and healthy diet as well as educating their patients on how dental health impacts whole-health, are just some of the examples of how modern dentistry is gaining an important role in family health. But the most significant trend is the increased care and concern to provide comfort and a great experience while at the dentist.  Some of that comfort is coming from the improvements in technology and consequently, faster and less invasive visits. While dentists still specialize, they are trying to make referrals easier and offer more services to minimize the need for patients to go to three different offices to finish a procedure.


Reception Counter. Click for larger view.

r.o.i. Design, as retail specialists, were asked by Rockford Construction to assist them in the planning and interiors for their dental customers with the goal of making the experience as comfortable, professional and enjoyable as possible.


Treatment Room. Click for larger view.

Some of the things that we have seen be the most successful in our projects this year are:

  • Spa-like feel and color palettes
  • Extending the comfort of the lobby through to the exam, hygiene and procedure rooms, no more scary rooms!
  • Integrating the greeting and reception experience with the entire service; no more sliding doors at the check-in desk!
  • Promoting the office “brand” and expertise of that particular office through design.
Stone Wall with Copper Tiles in Niche

Stone Wall with Copper Tiles in Niche. Click for larger view.