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Free_Button10 FREE Design Tips:

  • The least expensive changes you can make that still gives you a “bang for the buck”: paint and lighting.
  • The reclaimed wood look will peak this year, but still be specified for the next five to six years.
  • To look your best, freshen the lobby (entry)
  • Exterior finishes are going darker.
  • Interior finishes are going lighter.
  • Quartz is the new granite.
  • The use of graphics in interiors is growing.
  • Favorite wood finishes are still dark but watch out, the light tones will come back soon.
  • Metal and stainless finishes are not going anywhere.

Today, information and inspiration is a “click” away. We can “Google ” perfect paint scheme and be given ga-zillions of options for paint perfection.  You want affordable office furniture? The internet will direct you to so many sites that you start to not value any of them. ( A couple of pages we follow include: designophy.com, designmilk.com, designntrend.com )

But what is the best advice r.o.i. Design can give you?

  • Understand your goals for a design and make sure the changes you make in your business, school or home are going to help you meet those goals.

Asking the right questions and helping focus our customers on what’s important is equally valuable as picking the right color. So when you hire a designer, please expect more than aesthetics. You get what you pay for.