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Lori Terpstra, owner of Rylees ACE and friend of r.o.i. Design, asked us to design the exterior of their new store at 1205 West Fulton last spring. (2012) “It has to perfect for the West Side, not too fancy, but definitely friendly. We are a hardware store and we have to look like one.” was the directive last year.

At the business open house on February 27,  Lori was heard talking to neighboring business owners saying, “We love our new store and we love the West Side”10-x-3-Now-Open-banner

r.o.i. Design was also asked to manage the 49504 marketing campaign for the six weeks prior to the soft opening. We called over 200 businesses, knocked on over 100 doors, and sent off three mailings to businesses, property owners, schools and churches in 49504.  Ryan Bright, at r.o.i. Design, created all graphics as well as ran to get the pop corn machine, hang the banners etc.

As part of the marketing program, Rylee’s ACE West Fulton adopted a nearby school,  Sacred Heart of Mary. Adopting means:  joining them in their fund raising program “One Heart at a Time” and during the grand opening festivities sponsor a hot dog sale at the store and all proceeds go to Sacred Heart. During that grand opening weekend, the school choir will be singing.  Rylees ACE will also run their spring carnival plant sale at the school.  As a kick off to this relationship, Mary from r.o.i. Design spent a day at the school making Duct-Tape wallets and working through the Rylees ACE Activities and Coloring Book!

Wherever r.o.i. Design went, as they promoted the opening of the store, they heard. “This is great,.. what a great addition to the West Side…can’t wait for it to open….It is going to be so convenient..and on and on and on”

DSC_0004 The new store is just over 8,000 feet and offers all the hardware departments the Michigan Ave store offers with the exception of sporting goods, guns and housewares.  “Of course, some departments have a few less items than Michigan, but we have a great STIHL tool display that Michigan Ave doesn’t have!”