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It’s a complex time in our world, with plenty of varying opinions and values. Color and design trends are not exempt from competing opinions, as is evident in the Color of Year choices by influential paint and design companies.

Our “go-to” companies for color trends employ professionals and marketers who compile research and make predictions base on large bodies of information, but it appears the weight of these influences varies.

At first blush, r.o.i. Design recognizes two main approaches. According to a Better Homes and Gardens article, Pantone and Sherwin-Williams are fans of navy blue. Their choices are “Classic Blue” and “Naval”, respectively. Alternatively, Behr and Benjamin Moore’s choices will resonate with those who are more comfortable with pastels and natural hues. The outlier, Etsy, declares chartreuse the color to keep an eye on this year.

Pantone, often revered as a favorite for Color of the Year picks, has made a bold statement to go with Classic Blue, a choice which triggered a variety of questions and comments from critics. However, this color is not unfamiliar to r.o.i. Design. In our work with several West Michigan customers and properties, dark blue is often a favorite. It may be our proximity to Lake Michigan that draws our design team and clients to the color! Additionally, we are seeing these dark blues appear in cabinetry and millwork, no longer solely on walls.

Behr Paints is going with Back to Nature for their 2020 Color of the Year, along with a 2020 Color Trends palette, that is predominately pastel with a dark Red Pepper, Secret Meadow, and Graphic Charcoal.  There is more color in the range than previous years, and the subtle movement to include Greige (Taupe) and Sun (Flesh Tones) is notable.

Benjamin Moore is banking on a fresh, light, and rosy palette of 10 colors led by their paint First Light 2102-70. They haven’t excluded a dark blue and charcoal, but don’t lead with it.

Sherwin-Williams is on track with Pantone predicting a love of navy blue with their Color of the Year, Naval SW 6244.

r.o.i. Design offers color palettes that are warmer and lighter than the 2018-2019 cooler grays and whites. We love color and continue to use color as accents and brand reference whether in wall paint, wall accents, lighting, or upholstery.

Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color Trends
BEHR’s 2020 Color Trends