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How many of us go home at the end of the day, our heads whirling, our tongues dry and our stomachs aching, because we just left a client who needed more than the design they hired us for.

Design, when done well, creates both a return on investment and a therapeutic result for our client. The intimacy required in the process of design has the potential of healing a variety of issues; it can also create a high level of anxiety.

“The Hope of Design” suggests that design is no funny business when it comes to the heart of a client.  If  you are lucky enough to find yourself soul to soul with your client the opportunities are endless.

Not only will the design be perfect, the client will be aligned with it and you. Be ready for a return engagement, when the stakes are even higher.

r.o.i. Design believes that a design creates a return on investment and our clients believe that r.o.i. Design creates the visual illustration of the soul of their project. www.roidesign.com