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021Guests who can afford luxury, don’t always spend luxury rates for business and social travel.

The challenge for the mid-scale lodging market is to include enough style and amenity in their experience without raising room rates. That means being smart on where to spend the money

2014 saw a new awareness by mid-scale hotels that they needed to “up the ante” in their design. Many flags took on the challenge to remodel facilities which are being showcased.

So r.o.i. Design asks, “What are the things that brought the greatest ROI in those mid-scale remodels? What are we recommending to our mid-scale customers as they remodel?”


The room has to support a good night’s sleep.

  • Great mattress and sleeping pillows
  • Easy room darkening. Window coverings and the location of room lighting and switching
  • Acoustical separation from the corridor

The room has to support starting the day.

  • Showers have to be non-apologetic. Shower heads need to be simple but robust and the shower walls need to be spotless.
  • A dim and a bright option for lighting in the restroom accommodates most of the guests with their morning routine.


  • Easy internet access
  • TV’s that can be monitors and available keyboards to augment tablets
  • High Definition TV’s


  • Powering hand held devices and laptops.
  • Easy personal storage, rethinking closets and luggage racks.
  • Desk, writing, working surfaces placed with view of TV with comfortable task chairs.
  • Choices for light levels in the room to accommodate work or rest.

Calm & Confident:

  • Make the room maintainable so any amount of soil or dirt can be cleaned daily or camouflaged until it can be remedied.
  • Guests can see “after-thoughts”, inadequate waste containers, extension cords, or patches of any kind.
  • Overall style needs to feel current and maintained- once a guest sees a broken shade, a scratched dresser, a stained carpet, or even an old color palette, they are on the lookout and don’t relax as quickly as the guest who is greeted by a guest room that is fresh in style and condition.
  • All of these items impact the mid-scale lodging guest room and the mid-scale properties facility improvement programs.

r.o.i. Design is pleased to offer design and procurement services to mid-scale properties in their plan to meet their customers with the best possible experience.