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Shannon Orthodontics 
Grandville and Plainwell, MI

Grandville: Shannon Orthodontics prides itself on its use of the latest research and technology and delivers an extremely friendly service. They want their customers to “achieve the smile they have always dreamed of”.
Tom Shannon and wife Kate researched other offices in the area and found our work at JCL Periodontics. Tom and Kate liked the character and personality we brought to that space and after initial meetings decided to engage us in the redesign of their Grandville office where we helped they with layout, interior finishes, lighting, signage, wall décor and furnishings.

Plainwell: Shannon understands the importance of brand and marketing.
They want all their offices to provide a uniform feel, so they could use their interiors in their advertising. They used their new spaces to create a video to promote their business.
Some of the interior elements that help carry the brand include the color scheme, the use of logo and signage, iconic furniture and wall art pieces.
We recognize that Shannon Ortho customers have many choices when it comes to orthodontics, and we want our customer to look as great as they make their patients feel!