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People Driven Technology

6300 Venture Hills Blvd SW
Byron Center, MI 49315

E5 Ventures LLC was created in 2016 by the Engen family and focuses on targeted real estate and business investments. One of those projects ended up being a start-up that had roots in its understanding of customer service and technology. People Driven Technology is an all-encompassing IT solution for Enterprise Network Security, Hybrid Cloud, User Experience, Cybersecurity, and Physical Security.  

For the offices to feel welcoming, professional, and with a nod to hi-tech, the key features on the inside include:  

  • An uplit perforated metal “wing” over the reception desk.  
  • LED-backlit panels in the reception desk 
  • A variety of flat clouds in the open office at staggered heights with suspended and recessed strip lights. 
  • Metal wall accents in the break room 
  • Graduated steel to gray carpet tiles in the open office. 
  • Glass-fronted offices and conference rooms.  

Of particular interest is how they named the conference rooms, each one after a respected inventor: Thomas Edison, Hedy Lamar, Nikola Tesla, and Elijah McCoy. Each room has a plaque that tells the story of the inventor and r.o.i. Design assisted in selecting artwork of the inventor and their inventions.  

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