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LifeStream Church
Allendale, MI

r.o.i. Design worked with the leadership of LifeStream, a Wesleyan Church, as they developed a plan to remodel the vacated Allendale Middle School into their church home.
LifeStream was renting a local high school auditorium and with the increase of population and opportunities in the greater Allendale area, they had a vision for growth and community service.
r.o.i. Design engaged Elevate Studios as architects, and a volunteer contractor organized professional and volunteer labor to execute the remodel.
Significant to the design was the conversion of the gym to the worship center; r.o.i. Design developed all finishes, lighting plans and specs as well as designed the acoustic wall panel design.
The youth and children’s areas received special details based on the age and function of the ministries.
Entries and corridors often hold exhibits and messaging and it was important that those spaces be well lit and designed along with all the other spaces.
r.o.i. Design has designed many religious facilities and, in all cases, it’s important that the character of the congregation is reflected in the design. For LifeStream church that meant their facility had to be welcoming to multi-generations, and r.o.i. Design work diligently to help create the comfort they desired.