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Kennedy Floral
Cascade, MI

Expanding and remodeling a store is an opportunity not only to communicate your brand but to create new habits and disciplines in the sales team. Kennedy’s Flowers & Gifts in Forest Hills, Cascade MI took on the challenge in 2013.

This family business, owned by Lori Haveman, enjoying more than 20 years in the floral and gift business, decided to take over neighboring tenant space in their building to expand their store.
They turned to their architect, Don Smalligan who referred r.o.i. Design, experienced retail designers.

While the overall appeal of the new store is light, bright, clean and clear, the real success was a new layout and managing the customer’s experience. Creating definitive departments and dedicated space for merchandise not only helped the customer, it enabled Kennedy’s to monitor inventory much easier.
The discipline of eliminating clutter and opening up views in a store that has so many SKU’s will continue to be the goal for operations.