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JCL Periodontics
Grand Rapids, MI

When does a visit to the periodontist not feel like a visit to the periodontist? That’s what our client Dr. Jake Lueder asked us. “I want our patients to know we care about them and want them to be as comfortable as possible. For me that means that they get a sense of who we are by the character of our offices. And that helps them relax, trusting we are here to help.” Lueder described to r.o.i. Design.

Dr. Jake Lueder appreciates the textures and elements of nature. He is a woodworking hobbyist, a wilderness lover, a generous host and employer, as well as a methodical practitioner. His customers have a wide variety of backgrounds, but he wanted to make sure that a retired plumbing executive would be just at ease as a mom with two small children in his space.
Some of our favorite design elements that spoke to his criteria were to include reclaimed wood, stone tile, interesting ceiling details, wall art depicting Michigan nature, soothing colors and comfortable seating in the space.