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Dooge Veneers
Grand Rapids, MI

Dooge Veneer has remodeled and expanded their space over a decade.

The scope of the 2009 remodel included rethinking the showroom by creating more than one customer friendly space. The entry reception area had to complement their customer’s high-end designs using their veneers.

Their education area didn’t have many walls, so millwork had to be designed to provide a place for “show and tell”. Their sample and veneer inspection area that was formerly thought of as “back of house” was now part of the customer experience and brought up to their expectation with lighting and finishes. In addition to the public areas of the space, the private and open office areas were upgraded with new finishes and lighting.

To address the need for more office space and a more flexible showroom, Dooge remodeled part of their warehouse to create a large sample space, a large conference room and open office environment in 2017

They were also hoping they could avoid putting a ceiling into the “warehouse” space, but rather find a way to create a more urban loft appearance exposing the ceiling structure and mechanical.

Key to the design was the creation of custom “office cubicles” that brought people together in an open office environment in custom millwork offices that showed off their veneers. The new “cubicles” use matched “rustic random” walnut veneer, recut walnut veneer and stainless-steel trim.

The new conference room allows for larger meetings while also creating a beautiful back drop to the open office with their new logo on a glass wall. Inside the conference room, r.o.i. designed inset panels in the drywall with FC Sapele wood and stainless-steel trim.

This project, like so many recently, we also assist in the actual execution of the remodel, offering select project management services.