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Coach Road Capital and EQI

17863 170th Ave Suite 101
Spring Lake, MI 49456

Building owner Coach Road Capital has a variety of businesses including, but not limited to, US Retail, which manages over 40 locations of Pet Supplies Plus. As Coach Road Capital, they are real estate developers and business investors.

Our work with Coach Road established building standards for all suites, as well as created a design for communal areas. We worked with the first two tenants to customize their space to meet their business and brand needs.

Coach Road Capital

Not only had they outgrown their offices, but they were also looking to create a more collaborative and open environment for their team.
Their new office offers a spacious feel with interesting details. Our favorite features are the ceiling clouds and lighting, the metal siding on the interior of the space, the wood walls in the conference room, and the natural color scheme.


EQI provides tailored design, engineering, procurement, and logistics services for metal castings across diverse end markets at a global scale. The Spring Lake corporate office provides design and project management as they work with their offices in China, Vietnam, and India for the manufacturing and fulfillment of customized products.

The new space offers a variety of meeting and break out areas which were lacking before. All offices have glass walls to the open areas, connecting everyone visually. A large break room/kitchen is an inviting “other” space that hopes to bring people together for a variety of social and work activities.

Some of the interior elements include brick walls, interesting light fixtures, an open staircase,  warm color scheme, and a subtle placement of brand-friendly finishes.

Dixon Architecture was the architect of this four-suite, state-of-the-art office building. Copper Rock Construction were the builders and listened to the design needs and helped execute the customers’ visions.

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