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Sherwin Williams announces their choice for Color of the Year 2023 

Sherwin Williams announces their choice for Color of the Year 2023 

When it comes to the color of the year, there are a lot of experts and a variety of opinions. But Sherwin Williams announced Redend Point SW9081 as its choice for Color of the Year 2023.  

Their website says “Bring home the warmth and intrigue of Redend Point….This color is a soft neutral that is highly flexible and imparts a cozy warmth and natural earthiness to any space”. This color is a warm blend of rose and clay and is on track with the finishes we have seen at NeoCon and in the palettes of current product lines.  

Benjamin Moore will announce its choice for Color of the Year on October 12.  

Behr Paint has announced their choice of “Blank Canvas” DC-003, which looks like it sounds, warm white. 

If you would like to experiment with color, check out the Color Wheel at Canva and find your favorite color combination, and learn more about color theories. https://www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/ 

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© All photos courtesy of Sherwin Williams and Behr 

NEOCON 2022 

NEOCON 2022 

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Bold Colors, Retro Graphics, and an Array of Textures 

NeoCon 2022 was full of inspiration and powerful discussions and we are happy to say, did not disappoint. The bold colors used throughout each exhibit brought a new level of excitement and an energetic spirit to each showroom display. We are loving the use of color blocking to draw attention which then, adds much-needed energy to these workspaces. 

Textures! As designers, we are always looking for new ideas to weave into our daily design work. This year texture, both visual and tactile, was at the forefront. The warmth and comfort of home are finding a place in the office and it is working! We welcome this shift toward dimensional and rich multi-colored materials. These spaces are feeling energetic and full of life.  

Another trend to stand out this year was the use of fun graphic wallcovering/murals across a multitude of office environments. We are seeing a shift to the use of wall graphics in place of painted accent walls or artwork. The display of soft pastels and graphic forms has captured our attention without being too overwhelming.  

At r.o.i Design, we know that interior trends follow fashion trends so the recent “nod” to ’60s and ’70s fashion and design trends did not go unnoticed. We are reminded that bold colors, compelling graphics, and dimensional textures earned their popularity for so many reasons. We are excited to see how the design world will continue to tweak those core elements and infuse them into our work environments today. 

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Greenville Area Community Foundation Moves to New Remodeled Offices 

Greenville Area Community Foundation Moves to New Remodeled Offices 

Our friend Dean Clement at West Michigan Office Interiors introduced us to Alison Barberi, President and CEO of the Greenville Area Community Foundation (GACF). They were in the process of swapping offices with Southwestern Oil Co. They needed more space and Southwestern Oil needed less. Southwestern Oil had been at its location for more than 30 years, and most of the space had not been upgraded for decades. The swap was a generous gesture, offering GACF opportunities to expand and upgrade. We were engaged as interior designers supporting the efforts of their contractor, KASCO, and furniture provider, WMOI.  

We were able to work with the GACF team to upgrade lighting and finishes. We worked with KASCO to make the entry and restrooms A.D.A. compliant. We recognized the mid-century style of the building and its details and worked to make the new design work with the building’s architecture.  

Preserving the interior doors and trim, which were dark oak, we kept the new finishes light and added accents to the new carpeting and wall finishes. In the restrooms, the plumbing fixtures and lighting were completely updated. GACF brought with them their quality artwork and furnishings.  

While the construction process revealed some issues, none of them minimized the outcome.  

We celebrate the work of the GACF and learned a great deal about their impact and efforts in the Greater Greenville Area.  

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The Gignac Lounge at Dooge Veneers 

The Gignac Lounge at Dooge Veneers 

r.o.i. Design has been honored to be the designer for Dooge Veneers for many years. We have seen the office expand three times, and watch them grow in staff, services, and veneer options. 

Most recently we worked with them to create a couple of offices from a conference room and convert an office to a soft seating meeting area. That office used to be Hank Gignac’s office. Hank passed away from COVID, one of the first 50 in Kent Count in 2020. Hank was a tremendous leader and a gracious person, and Dooge Veneers wanted to create a room in his honor.  

In that room is a large coffee table made from a walnut slab, something Hank always wanted, and the original veneer on the wall remains. We furnished the room with comfy chairs around the new coffee table. The room has a great view of all the birds outside the window that gather at the feeders that Hank placed there.  

We acknowledge and thank Wolverine Building Group for their work remodeling the space. 

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E5 Creates People Driven Technology 

E5 Creates People Driven Technology 

r.o.i. Design learns so much from our customers, and this project, introduced to us by First Companies, was no different. We saw how the Engen family worked together to make decisions and create a landmark new company with the greatest respect for people, both the inventors of the past and the genius of today.  

They purchased property at 6300 Venture Hills Blvd SW in Byron Center, MI with the plan to house two businesses, E5 Ventures and a new technology company, People Driven Technology 

Architect Ken Dixon of Dixon Architecture created the building footprint and façade, and together with r.o.i. Design, we planned the interior spaces.   

For the offices to feel welcoming, professional, and with a nod to hi-tech, the key features on the inside include:  

  • An uplit perforated metal “wing” over the reception desk.  
  • LED-backlit panels in the reception desk  
  • A variety of flat clouds in the open office at staggered heights with suspended and recessed strip lights.  
  • Metal wall accents in the break room  
  • Graduated steel to gray carpet tiles in the open office.  
  • Glass-fronted offices and conference rooms.  

Of particular interest is how they named the conference rooms, each one after a respected inventor: Thomas Edison, Hedy Lamar, Nikola Tesla, and Elijah McCoy. Each room has a plaque that tells the story of the inventor and r.o.i. Design assisted in selecting artwork of the inventor and their inventions.  

The overall thoughtfulness of the design project is an indication of the owners’ values. Again, we learned so much.  

The Engen Family is a legacy of innovation and technology. Committed to West Michigan, this powerhouse created Netech more than 20 years ago and transitioned that business, selling to Presidio 

E5 Ventures LLC was created in 2016 and the Engen family focuses on targeted real estate and business investments. One of those projects ended up being a start-up that had roots in their understanding of customer service and technology. People Driven Technology is an all-encompassing IT solution for Enterprise Network Security, Hybrid Cloud, User Experience, Cybersecurity, and Physical Security.  

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The Benefits of Solar Shades

The Benefits of Solar Shades

Consider Solar Shades for your workplace.

Everyone loves natural light, except when it’s reflecting off their computer screen. Unlike louvered blinds, solar shades don’t cast a pattern on the screen and still allow for a filtered view. They optimize natural light while controlling heat and glare.

r.o.i. Design is a distributor of SWF Contract Solar Shading Systems. Solar shades are roller shades that provide a clean design aesthetic along with the ability to manage sunlight and heat. SWF offers a range of materials to suit any commercial environment. SWF products meet or surpass LEED air quality and emission specifications.

In addition to this quality product, we provide the following services:

  • Free Estimates, Consultations, and Product Selections
  • Site Measuring and Product Engineering
  • Installation

We can make it simple for you by taking the project from consultation to installation. Call us for more information:

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Or email: rondageyer@roidesign.com