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The business world for designers is constantly changing. We have to do more for our customers with less. We have to continue to find new ways to bring value to our clients. If they read in the Wall Street Journal that designers offer new opportunities for corporations because we have been trained to problem solve, then we better “problem solve”. If their brother-in-law got a great deal on furniture through a designer, then we better be ready to do the same. If they are connected constantly to their smart-phone, we better be technically “smart”.

r.o.i. Design is first a consultative design firm making revenue by charging fees for interior design, graphic design, planning and programming.  But over the years, we have taken on seasonal products or services with the goal of giving our clients enhanced services; we have offered to decorate for the holidays, organize closets, design custom furniture, select art, create schedules and manage projects.

Today we have four projects that we are promoting in addition to our design services:

1. OC International Design, The Reiya Chair. We are the regional representatives for the plant based shell, chair. Made in Chicago. Affordable and responsible.

2. MoCa, Modern Cabinets, made in Florida. (The cabinet manufacturer has historical connections to Grand Rapids and we know the owner there from our past work with Lazy Boy and Rose Johnson.)



3. Two training programs, “Speed Bump Detector” and “Basic Training”, www.accelerateroi.com

4. a Board display, an electronic bulletin board that we can manage remotely as a training tool. http://tinyurl.com/7f8s4k2


 We support our projects with our web page, e-blasts, collateral and in studio sampling. While we have always found ways to diversify, 2012 feels like we have some products that are especially targeted for success! Stay tuned!