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So entering an interior design school this fall (2010), you may be fulfilling a child hood dream.

20070927_designersBut the dream has become a little more like a fantasy in the last couple of years. ZOOMroi/Design Humor encourages all lovers of design to practice their craft and skills. But PLEASE consider the following:

1. Computer skills are a must; Adobe Creative, Vellum, AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc….are all part of the base line of skills. TODAY IS THE AGE OF CRAFT: Hone your skills.

2. Business skills are a must; if you don’t have course work or experience in marketing, management, or human resources (psych), think again.

3. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert; if you have a specialty, focus on it, and get as much hands on experience as possible.

interior design students4. Designers are problem solvers; research job opportunities in innovation, customer services, project management, research and administration before you give up.

5. The best designers know how to persuade, support, comfort, direct, and lead people.

6. Don’t give up! The world is changing and new designers are driving that change. Reinvent yourselves and succeed.

Quick story; a couple of years ago I spoke to a hospitality design department in a local university. At the end of the class, a young woman approached me to get my opinion on her goals. She wanted to graduate and become a consultant; speaking, writing books, leading trends. Not exactly sure how to respond, I remember wishing her the best of luck.

pink daisyIf you want to run a restaurant, find a job busing tables. If you want to import wines and open a store, find a job cleaning wine cellars. If you want to rule the world of design, find a job in a tile showroom, shade shop, kitchen and bath cabinet showroom, lighting showroom, fabric store, etc.

Listen to the customers. Your time to inspire will be earned not gifted. ENJOY!