Posted by on Aug 8, 2013

2332 E. Dixon Lake Rd
Gaylord, MI

Beauty inspires beauty. Sojourn owners Scott and Janice Lambert were overwhelmed and grateful for how land had blessed them in their energy business. They committed to restoring a 1960’s resort in their hometown of Gaylord, MI on the pristine Dixon Lake to a spa-like retreat for small groups as a thank you to nature.

They would stand on the sandy shore of the lake and turn around and say, “Look at this. This is inspiring”.

So the design criteria for Sojourn was built around a master plan r.o.i. Design created for the property that had a series of spa-like experiences that started with a new welcome building.

We designed the Welcome Center to embrace the guest with a winged roof gesture.

The two resident buildings were reclaimed from time and restored to include simple rooms with the intentional placement of wood and stone. The lodge received a new deck overlooking the lake, designed for the least amount of visual impact by using a cable railing.

The “Sand Bar”, the former dance hall and saloon, had “great bones” and we nudged it into modernity and function.

Sometimes the ROI of a project is more like mining than designing, using what is the best of a place and minimizing the rest.