Posted by on Feb 27, 2015

1241 E Eighth St.
Traverse City, MI 49686

Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry (NMPD) is an adventure for the patients, for the dentists and for r.o.i. Design. This extremely busy practice specializes in the surgical and preventative care of the youngest of children.

“When we see patients, it is often we see more than one parent come with them; their siblings, their grandparents. Everyone is welcome into the operatories to help the patient feel relaxed and comfortable,” reports Dr. VanWingen, partner with Dr Matt.

While there are definitely back of the houses spaces, most of the office is seen. In their previous office they had wall murals on all walls, themed rooms with Disney and Nickelodeon characters, and displaying their interesting finds from the doctor’s tropic and exploratory vacations. But the busy-ness of the offices was wearing on staff and became harder and harder to look at 10 hours a day. Their criteria was to create interest with themes.

r.o.i. Design recommended that the offices be divided into three areas organized around water, land and sky. Being in Traverse City, MI, they had been hesitant to use a lake front theme because it was overdone in the area, but the water theme allowed us to be more abstract and not site specific.

Design solutions included:

Small boat hulls were hung in the 14 foot ceiling area to help with acoustic reverberation and to give the waiting patients below that they were “under the water”. The carpet in the lobby undulated in pattern like waves, and the furnishings were abstract shapes that were meant to resemble bottom of the ocean creatures.

Between water and land there was a boat house play house with a steerable boat and a dock side port office.

Stepping through the door to the operatory the visitor experienced custom floor patterns that resembled stepping stones leading them to the examination chairs. A back lit acrylic panel filled with natural grasses lead the patients past a space that has a color changing cloud.

Starting with a dark corridor with inserted LED spots and track lights, the visitors step from deep space into a tall bright area filled with stars, clouds and sunshine.

Featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Incisal Edge, this pediatric office was recognized for its creativity.