Posted by on Aug 27, 2013

4543 S M 88 Hwy
Bellaire, MI 49615

Facility Type: Skilled nursing/Alzheimer’s
Size: 131-bed, 25,000sf expansion & 55,000sf renovation
Cost: Projected at $10 million
Completion: Phase 1 May 2013

Innovation in senior care came to life for us in Bellaire, MI through our work with Meadow Brook and architects and planners, Hooker DeJong.

Administrators Marna Robinson and David Schultz were committed to creating a lasting change to their facility, moving it from a “hospital” setting to a “household” setting. This practice isn’t new for the industry but for Northern Michigan it is the first of its kind – providing a more natural environment of care where 10-15 residents live in a setting that has its own shared kitchen, dining and living room. Every resident has their own bedroom.

David Layman, President of Hooker DeJong, a passionate proponent of the concept, invited r.o.i. Design into the planning. We helped create three themes that would relate to Northern Michigan and Hooker DeJong assigned one of the themes to each of the seven households.

The common areas carried the “bungalow” theme and the expansion’s architecture resonated in design.

Details of the spaces that we are proud of include the overall color palettes, the fireplace trim outs, the use of modular carpet in creating rugs and accents, the customized wall décor and millwork accents.

In addition to the interior design, we were engaged to procure non-medical furnishings. This allowed us to manage delivering “the look” within the budget. Our team created bid packages, reviewed bids, created purchasing documents for Meadow Brook to execute, and coordinated deliveries and installations.

Thank you Marna and Dave for making this commitment to your residents and your community.