Posted by on Aug 30, 2015

Crystal Mountain has engaged r.o.i. Design to conceive and design their interiors for over 20 years. Chris and Jim MacInnes (owners of Crystal Mountain) have shared a story about us that forever changed their view of interior designers. We had been asked to look at a plan for a new building and only give them feedback on interior design, siting that on that same day they were handing over the plan to contractors for bids. Before we left the meeting we scanned the plans. We got the attention of one of the Crystal Mountain managers and pointed out a possible layout problem with the plan. He knew that bringing this up now would upset schedule and be exactly the opposite of what we had been asked to do. But he saw the merit of what we were saying, asked us to go with him, interrupt the contractor meeting and explain the insight. As we outlined r.o.i. Design’s observation, another manager bolted into the room and reported that his staff had some serious concerns about the space planning and wondered if there was any opportunity to review before contractors wrote their bids. Jim looked up and said, “Well, yes, I think we have a solution right here.”

We are grateful to the MacInnes’ for their trust in our insights and designs, and are so pleased that our relationship has created an ROI for them.

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