Posted by on Nov 27, 2012

4585 Airwest Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI

4,500 square feet
November, 2009 Completion

The best evidence of a return on investment is when a customer returns after 20 years for a remodeling plan. Dooge Veneer was experiencing a change in their business. Their showroom and offices had to respond to business needs. They called r.o.i. Design because the original design had worked well for so long and they knew we respected the resources of small business owners who want design decisions that last.

The scope of the 2012 remodel included rethinking the showroom by creating more than one customer friendly space. The entry reception area had to complement their customer’s high end designs using their veneers. Their education area didn’t have many walls, so millwork had to be designed to provide a place for “show and tell”. Their sample and veneer inspection area that was formerly thought of as “back of house” was now part of the customer experience and brought up to their expectation with lighting and finishes.

In addition to the public areas of the space, the private and open office areas were upgraded with new finishes and lighting.